Best and Worst Things About Uni

Oh University, the place where many go to study, to grow up, to “find” themselves, to party. University sure is an experience, a taste into adulthood or for some it’s just another playground, stay with me on this one as I weigh up the pros and cons of uni life in no particular order.

1.  The chance to learn about something actually worthwhile and interesting

Pro: You get to study a subject you chose for three years, taught by people who may be the best in the field, learn about cutting edge research.

Con: Its hard work. You may have once been top of your class but that ego will be taken down a peg or two, when you have to work hard just to get a 60 (2:1).


Pro:  You can finally go out without anyone asking “Are you home for dinner?” Not sure why this is such a relief, maybe it’s just the first taste of independence. You can eat pizza for breakfast, have whoever you want over at 1am without worrying about waking up or asking permission from anyone else. It may even be the first time you have your own room. You have 3 whole years to figure out how you like to cook, your living habits and even have as much peace and quiet as you want.

Con: Ran out of clean underwear? Bread gone mouldy? Living at home doesn’t seem so bad when you forget the small things that get done for you, are actually quite the big essential adult things. Maybe less freedom isn’t so bad?

3.  Living with friends

Pro: Late night talks, sleepovers, house parties, friends living minutes away, pre drinks, game nights and always having someone to binge watch netflix with. It’s one big party!

Con: It can be pretty difficult living with people. Maybe you don’t live with friends and it’s pretty lonely or you don’t share the same interests so your ideas get overlooked. E.g. maybe you don’t like being kept up until 2 or 3am by people you don’t know, let’s say by your housemates boyfriend’s friends, who are playing loud music in your living room. Also people are messy and somehow you look like the rude one when you ask them to clean up their dinner from 4 days ago.

4.  You get to know yourself!

Pro: Cliché but true. You get to know your likes and dislikes. That’s one more piece to the puzzle of life that is put into place.

Con: Getting to know yourself still may not help you make better life choices, like what modules to choose, future career paths, which friends to hang out with, Dominoes or Pizza Hut???

5. Challenges

Pro: You get tested quite often at University. Why are there so many tests and assignments?! However working hard and getting good marks is so satsfying.

Con: It can be very stressful in regular term time let alone during exam season. You also get challenged by difficult people, have to learn cope under pressure of deadlines and group work, by difficult people (I say it twice as it’s really that annoying) oh and exams on Saturday’s are a thing people!

6. Money

Pro: You finally have money! You can go on nights out, eat at the pub and maybe even have some left over for a holiday in the Summer!

Con: It’s not monopoly money! You have to split it wisely between bills, rent and then the shiny new things you would like. I also learned some people can’t save and lie about it, which can leave you in a difficult spot when bills are due.

7. Leisure

Pro: So much free time! You can join societies, go on trips, day drinking in the Sun, learn a new skill or hobby, binge watch series, exercise more, go home more often and appreciate it!

Day pints never get boring

Con: It can get boring and in hindsight you may think why didn’t I study more? Why didn’t I start up my own little business? Or take afternoon naps, just ’cause?

8. Breaks

Pro: As a student you get very long holidays. 1 month off for Christmas, a reading week here and there, 3 month Summer holidays, say what?! You feel like you’re living the dream.

Con: Chances are you probably have to work during the holidays, but at least you get some money. Also if you work during term time, working in the Summer when there is no Uni is actually a lot less stressful. (Whoops made that into a pro!) Otherwise if you don’t have to work, the long breaks aren’t even a con. Only if you have to do resits whilst your friends are in Barcelona, that is!

9. Travel

Pro: You get to discover a city or 2. Maybe you are doing a year abroad or you have friends in near cities, or you get to take some trips with your friends. Living somewhere new you get to explore and find some hidden gems.

Con: It can be scary, difficult and intimidating when adjusting to living somewhere new. Don’t worry though you are not alone, everyone goes through this at some point to some degree (pun, sorry) I definitely did. I loved the city, the course, the campus where I studied, but I still had times when it was difficult trying to fit in.

10. In my opinion this one is only a positive…

Pro: You gain something out of it. Not just debt for you pessimists out there! You may want to pursue your degree as a career, study more, you gain valuable skills and knowledge, even if it’s just knowing that Uni isn’t for you and you leave or switch courses. You don’t have that “what if” feeling. It is an experience and like life it is tough but it won’t all be bad. You learn how to write critically and how to challenge ideas, and if anything you know what you don’t want to do or aren’t as good at for the future. Really it’s just the beginning chapter and can lead onto so much.

People don’t say they miss University life for nothing. Maybe it’s just the whole memory of being younger, more relaxed, maybe no real responsibilities and the bubble of everyone going through the same kind of thing in a carefree kind of way. Although it’s not quite how 90210 or the O.C. said student life would be (not just because I studied in South East of England!) there are so many perks to outweigh the stresses, the student discount for one!

I hope you enjoyed the post and let me know what’s on your list of the best and worst parts of student life!

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