What’s in My Make-up Bag

I’m always so interested how everyone does their make-up and the products they use. I find that women really enjoy meeting up to get ready for a night out or a special occassion. Something that men most likely wouldn’t enjoy or even understand. If a guy asked his other guy friend if he wanted to come over before going out he probably would think he was being hit on! But for women, trying on outfits together, styling their hair and swapping make up tips as they get dolled up is a ritual. One that I certainly enjoy, until my winged eyeliner goes wrong and I look like I’m auditioning to be the next member of Kiss! Today’s post I am going to share with you what’s inside my make-up bag and my latest go to products!

Starting from my base once I have cleansed and moisturised, I apply Rimmel’s Wake Me Up foundation with my Real Techniques Foundation brush, which I got in the essentials set. I love this foundation as it leaves me with a healthy glow. I would recommend it to anyone who has spot prone skin as this is one of few foundations that doesn’t make me break out. In the Summer I go for shade 200 soft beige, but now in these Wintery months I use shade 100 in ivory. I like to have my foundation as close to my actual skintone and judt add warmth with blush. To blend in my foundation I then use the Real Techniques beauty blender; this is a must have product and will change how your foundation sits. I wet my sponge then just blend my foundation in after applying it. You can use the sponge as a replacement to your brush, if so then don’t wet the sponge. I personally find that although it gives a lovely finish it wastes more product, so I just use the beauty blender to just touch up my make-up.

Next if I have particularly bad dark circles I apply nip+fabs colour correcting product. The brand is such good price and it lasts such a long time as you don’t need much of it. I also read that Jenifer Aniston uses the brand and with Sofia Richie’s recent collaboration it must be good.

Next I tend to my brows, which I fill in with Tanya Burr’s Selfie Story Sculpt Eyebrow pencil. This product is so easy to use and one end has a spooly to comb through your brows. Then I glide the eyebrow pencil where I need filling in for extra thickness.

If I’m feeling like I want some more glamour to my make up I apply Benefits Watts Up Highlighter to my cheekbones. I always get a lot of compliments on this and it’s very long wearing. Although the stick has a sponge for you to blend in the highlighter, I tend to blend it in with my fingers out of preference. Then for some extra pazzaz I use Kiko’s blusher in 04 Peach Rose on top of the highlighter, focusing mainly on the apples of my cheeks. I really like the finish of this combination!

When it comes to my eyes I like to curl my eyelashes first with my trusty eyelash curler. I lightly clamp the curler onto my upper lashes and then curl it upwards for extra lift, holding for about 10 seconds. Before I apply my mascara I always put on my liquid eyeliner first. This really is a staple product for me and I have just purchased a new one from NYX in vinyl liquid eyeliner in black. I like the thin brush on it as it makes it easier to get a precise line across my eyelid! This is something that I look for in any liquid eyeliner as it means you can correct any mistakes easily. If I do make a slight or big mistake I use Kiko’s pure clean eyes and lips with a small make up bud.

For mascara I’m currently using L’Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara in 01 Black. I saw this advertised in the Summer and when it finally came to the UK I knew I had to try it. It’s become my favourite mascara, lengthening the lashes whilst adding volume and not sacraficing on quality for either. The brush is so soft and I haven’t had any flaking of mascara! It also has castor oil in the product, which is great for stimulating growth in your eyelashes. *Castor oil can also be applied to your hair and eyebrows for more growth, a beauty hack I have been using for the last 3 years!*

When it comes to my lips I always like to have them nourished so I usually apply a lip balm before adding any lipstick. When I go for a more natural laid back look, I use Glossier’s lip balm in Birthday on it’s own. I recently wrote a post all about this brand and product, so click here if you want to read it!

For a day to day lipstick I like pink and nude tones. My go to is part of the Sephora Collection Rouge Balm in shade 03 Enchanting Blush. It’s very nourishing and gives a pop of colour. For special occasions or during Christmas I will go for a red lisptick. The red I love is by Kiko it’s called Shiny Lip Stylo in 03 Red Generation, with the lip liner to match. This really lasts me all day! I first outline my lips with the lip liner and then shade in all my lips. I would then go over this with the lipstick which is so smooth and creamy. This makes it long lasting with a radiant and glossy effect.

Last but not least I like to set my make-up with NYX’s dewy finish spray. I mostly tend to do this if I’m going out for a long day ahead or a special occasion. It’s a great product and you can also get the setting spray in matte.

That’s it for what’s in my make-up bag! What are your go to products? If you have any recommendations let me know in the comments!

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