Obsessing Over McFly | Song Challenge

On 13th November McFly released their latest album “Young Dumb Thrills”, and I have been playing it on repeat this weekend. For any fellow fans, they also released a documentary on ITV the following day called “All About Us”, which discusses why the band had a music hiatus. Many moons ago back when live music was taken for granted, I was lucky enough to see them live in concert a day before I headed off to University. In some ways that concert’s timing was very fitting. As I was ending the chapter on my adolescence and stepping into adulthood, there I was singing my heart out to a band that had shaped my childhood years. Listening to my favourite McFly songs this weekend, has reminded me of the power that music has. I love how music brings people together and how just one song can transport you back to a very specific time in your life. So I thought for this blog post, it would be fun for you to get to know me a bit better with a song challenge!

  • A song that reminds me of my childhood: Reach for the Stars, S Club 7
  • A song from my pre-teen years: Year 3000, Busted
  • A song from my teen years: Empire State of Mind, Alicia Keys
  • A song that reminds me of University: I’m A Mess, Ed Sheeran
  • A song I’m currently loving: Tonight is The Night, McFly
  • A song that I love which mentions Christmas: The Christmas Song, Nat King Cole
  • A song that reminds me of Summertime: It Ain’t Me, Selena Gomez
  • A song that needs to be played loud: Numb, Linken Park
  • A song I listen to when I exercise: Let’s Get Loud, Jenifer Lopez
  • A song that I have seen played live: Time Is Running Out, Muse
  • A song that I know all the words to: Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen
  • A song that I wish I knew all the words to: Any Eminem song (what a cool party trick that would be)
  • A song that I cannot stand: Ride On Time, Black Box
  • A song that calms me down: Hesistate, Jonas Brothers
  • A song that breaks my heart: I’ll Never Cry Again, Lady Gaga
  • A song that makes me cry: Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Elvis Presley
  • A song that cheers me up: Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself, Jess Glynn
  • A song that someone has sung for me: Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, John Mayer
  • A song that is iconic: Tiny Dancer, Elton John
  • A song that inspires me: Last Hope, Paramore

After reflecting on these songs, I really can’t wait to go to a concert again one day! What are some of your chosen songs? Let me know in the comments below! If you take part in the song challenge make sure to tag me, I’d love to see!

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