First posted January 3, 2018 updated July 2, 2020

In 2016 I finally built up the courage to dye my hair back brown after years of being blonde. Although the brunette colour was lovely and rich (you can see what my hair looked like dark on my post BLONDE VS BRUNETTE: It’s only hair), after a few months I was over it and go figure, I wanted to dye my hair back blonde. Being the poor student I was at the time, I bought a box dye to lighten my hair. Alas, I learned my lesson the hard way and I forgot about the colour wheel that you need to pass through; to go from brown to blonde you have to storm the ginger. (Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately for me, I don’t have any good photos to share with you of my hair at this stage).

It took me 4 salon visits over 18 months to try and get my hair back to a more desirable blonde. Don’t get me wrong, my hair wasn’t awful. It definitely could have been a lot worse.  However when I went to the hairdressers I was desperate to get my hair back to the blonde I previously was. I did everything I could do on my side, I used toner and purple shampoos along with luxurious brands like Kerastasé to keep my hair in as good condition as possible.  However I was still disheartened by the orange, brassy tinge that was still visible in my hair. I expressed my *first world* problems to my hairdresser in May 2017 and she recommended I try mixing Olaplex in with my balayage.

For those of you who don’t know, Olaplex is a product that rebuilds the broken bonds in our hair. It is used to prevent extra damage which occurs when any kind of dye is applied onto it. What’s more, this little product can help you take your hair a few shades lighter. Remember when Kim Kardashian went blonde the first time? There was a ton of Olaplex used in that transformation.

Olaplex can be applied to the hair seperately, after the dye has already been applied, or it can be mixed in with the dye. My hairdresser said the latter is cheaper, more time efficient and mostly has the same effect, so of course I opted for the cheaper option. Luckily this also meant I wouldn’t have to sit down for as long in the chair, whilst my bum went numb! Anyone who has had to sit through a full head of highlights can relate to this!

Olaplex on Amazon

Fast forward to November 2017 and I hadn’t dyed my hair for 6 months.  My roots had grown out and I had a hairdresser’s appointment booked in for December. Although my hair didn’t fade too much in colour, I did notice a build up of brassy blondes. So I decided to try my hand with the No.3 At Home Olaplex treatment and use it once a week, for a month.

So, what happened next?

Following the instructions, once a week before bed, I dampened my unwashed hair to be “towel dry ” and then massaged a generous amount of Olaplex, covering the roots and lengths of my hair. Next using my tangle teezer, I brushed the Olaplex throughout. I then would tie my hair up in a low bun and leave the Olaplex in overnight, sleeping with a towel over my pillow. The next morning I washed and dryed my hair as usual (My 5 Step Styling Routine can be found here). However this time, I kid you not, my hair felt luscious. My first reaction was complete shock at just how smoothly I could brush through my hair, without any semblance of a pull or a tug that I so often battled with. It felt instantly nourishing and moisturising. On first application, the colour did not change, but it felt healthier and looked glossier, just as it had done the first time I used Olaplex in the salon. I then repeated this for the next 3 weeks.


Before I used Olaplex my hair was brassy and dry


Week 1: After first application it felt very smooth and I couldn’t stop running my fingers through my hair


Week 2: I noticed how much stronger and shinier my hair was. *Fist pumps in the air, does Herbal Essences hair swish*


Week 3: Healthier and glossier hair and a lot less brassiness!

Week 4: It was time for my hairdressers appointment. I decided to keep a more natural look, leaving my roots dark but with the aim of finally eliminating those unwanted orange tones.

I informed my hairdresser that I had been using Olaplex at home and that I was determined to get rid of all leftover box blonde dye. My hairdresser was naturally hesitant, worried that the stronger bleach would weaken my hair and I should do it more gradually. It’s fine, George Michael and I both had faith (lol). In truth, part of me was a bit worried as in the past I had over processed my hair with salon bleach, and sunnier climates had also severely weakened my hair. However I had learned from my mistakes and I was certain that my new regular hair routine would do wonders for my hair.

Below is the outcome of my trip to the hairdressers, and I couldn’t have been happier… until I was caught in a torrential downpour! (SWIPE)

Overall, I would highly recommend the Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector at home treatment. The 100ml bottle will last you a while, as you only need to use a small amount once a week. Olaplex truly is a gift from the God’s. If you don’t believe me, then believe hair guru and hairdresser to the stars, Jen Atkin. If she swears by it, then it must be good.

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In June 2020 I revisited Olaplex and showed you the results of using the product for 10 minutes, once a week over a month. Watch the below video to see my transformation!


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