Overcoming My Fears

This year I’ve committed to watching I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, and it’s genuinely bringing me so much joy – especially in lockdown. Should fame ever come my way, I would love to be a contestant on that show – come on manifestation, do your thing! I’ve always considered myself to be quite adventurous. Having camped every summer whilst growing up, I would bat away badgers, ants and cope with treacherous weather, among many other challenges! The premise of I’m A Celeb, comes down to overcoming your fears. We are only born with two fears; the fear of falling and of loud sounds. So it’s interesting to think that everything else is learned, and that most are irrational. During my early adulthood years, I accidentally discovered one of my fears (I suppose that’s the way they all are discovered though). I say “accidentally” because it’s genuinely something I discovered by accident, and it took me by surprise…

A few years back, I was on holiday in Cyprus enjoying the sunshine and tzatziki (although not together), having the time of my life. One afternoon I went on a boat trip. This was my very first boat trip abroad and it was very different than the kind you go on along the River Thames; there was sunny weather and crystal blue waters for a start! There was a portion of the boat trip where you get off and swim in the sea. Here there are two options for how to get into the water. You can either enter by climbing down the ladder (easy), or you can go to the top of the boat, climb over the railings and jump in. I’m sure you can see which direction this story is going in…

My boyfriend told me how much fun the second option was, and me being me, I was up for trying something new. It’s not that big of a drop, about 15 – 20 feet, I thought to myself. So I took off my sunglasses, made my way to the top floor of the boat, all the while feeling calm and collected. I then watched my boyfriend climb over the railing and turn to me with an encouraging smile. I put one hand onto the railing, when my legs suddenly turned to jelly. At that very moment, that scene in Titanic where Rose almost jumps off the ship came to mind. “Nope, I’m not doing it. There is no way I am flinging myself off this. Not for me. No thank you!” was the physical reaction my body was having, before I even got around to saying the words aloud. After a minute or so, I took a deep breath, and I climbed over. I kept a firm grip on the rails behind me, and I stared at the ocean. (Side note: My hands have gone clammy and my armpits have even begun to sweat as I write this!) I was reluctant to let go, but I did not want my fear of this thing that I’ve never done before, to get the better of me. Eventually after a lot of encouragement from my boyfriend and even the other guests on the boat, I psyched myself up. I jumped into the water, which was complete with a mighty scream. This very (dramatic) jump had much of the other guests in fits of laughter, and I think I may recall a bit of clapping and whooping – although that part may be a bit exaggerated. As I emerged from the water, I realised nothing bad had happened to me in this moment. I’ve continued to force myself to do that jump many times since, and it gets a bit easier each time, (although the thought of this now still majorly freaks me out!)

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Mist Falls Trail, Yosemite National Park

Evidently I have a fear of heights, combined with the fear of falling. Strangely enough I’m fine on planes, but if I go into a glass elevator you will most definitely witness my panic. No word of a lie, I have noticed onlookers laugh at me in amusement, at my minor freak out during the course of a five second glass elevator journey. This same scenario has played out in theme parks too. I love that sense of adventure and enjoy fast roller-coasters, but any ride where I am up super high, followed by a steep drop terrifies me. The perfect example here being Rush at Thorpe Park, and don’t even get me started on some of the rides I went on at Six Flags in California.

I can also vividly recall one hike in Yosemite along the Mist Falls trail leading to Nevada Falls. On this hike you climb beside a waterfall. The water sprays create a mist, resulting in a rainbow appearing the higher you climb. I love being active and I especially love the outdoors, but I couldn’t bear to look down the whole time we hiked. At the top I felt a sense of satisfaction, but it was the hike back down which I found the most challenging. If you want to see my internal panic, there was also a similar moment I captured during my Wales Vlog at 7:01 – 7:18. On the Yosemite hike, there was however a humorous moment which broke my tension. I was trying my best to hold back the tears and a fearless girl who must have only been about seven years old, marched right past me, brave as can be! Who knows, it could have been the Ghost of Christmas Past, reminding me of what I too used to be like as a child.

So what have I learned? Well, I know I will continue to force myself to climb a few more peaks in the future. I will also try to push myself to do more things that scare me. Throughout each of these moments, I persevered and I certainly don’t regret doing any of those activities. I’ve learned that quite often on the other side, once you push through the fear and discomfort, that’s where growth lies.

However, should I ever have to abseil down a cliff backwards like they did on I’m A Celeb, I would probably react the same as Jordan North and let my nerves get the better of me. Nonetheless, I know that I am far stronger and capable than I give myself credit for and I should not let my fears hold me back – whatever capacity that may be in. That being said, I can’t imagine myself jumping out of an aeroplane just yet… Maybe one day!

What’s one fear you have tried to overcome? Let me know in the comments!

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Emma Hardie’s Starter Kit | Honest Review

I first stumbled across the Emma Hardie brand on YouTube when I saw Anna Saccone using her dual-action cleansing cloth in her fake tanning routine. After a bit of research, I was intrigued to try some of her products. The brand is vegan and cruelty-free, focusing on natural healing and skin rejuvenation for all skin types. It is also free from many harmful ingredients such as SLS, parabens, silicones and more. When I saw a combination of Emma Hardie’s bestselling items available in a bundle on ASOS (+ a 20% discount), I couldn’t resist picking up the Emma Hardie Moringa Starter Kit!

The kit is usually £30 and contains the brand’s best selling Moringa Cleansing Balm, dual-action cleansing cloth, a wash-bag and the Midus Touch gel. The premise of the kit is simple; it is your one stop shop for your morning and evening skincare routine. So, how does it work?

  1. The Moringa Balm can be used to cleanse your face and to remove make-up. Simply take a hazelnut amount and rub it into your palm, and then gently into your face and neck
  2. Next soak the muslin (cotton side of the cloth) in warm water, rinsing any excess water and cleanse away
  3. If you wish, you can then use the microfibre side to exfoliate and polish your skin for a dewy glow. Again take a hazelnut amount, apply, rinse with warm water and gently wipe your face
  4. To finish, apply the Midus Touch gel on your neck and face but avoid the eye area

Sounds great! But what does each product actually do?

The Moringa Cleansing Balm removes all traces of make-up and dirt off your face. For the last seven years I have purely used cleansers and/or micellar water rather than make-up wipes to clean my face, and I must admit that I was thoroughly impressed by this product. At first the balm texture is hard in the pot, but easily softens into a liquid substance when you rub it into your palm. As someone with sensitive skin, I was pleased to see that the balm did not irritate my face or eyes. Instead it left it feeling very soft and moisturised, whilst also crucially removing a lot more dirt off my face than any other cleanser I have used.
You can also leave the Moringa Balm on your skin overnight for a super hydrated treatment – something that I looking forward to trying!

I like the size of the dual-action cleansing cloth and definitely noticed on first-impressions that as promised, the microfibre side brightened, buffed and deep cleansed my skin. I also really like the fact that the cloth is machine-washable so it helps to reduce waste and is far more sustainable. I did wonder whether the Midus Touch gel would leave my skin feeling tingly (as so many other products do). However it glided onto my skin and left it feeling cool and calm, resulting in an instant glowy complexion.

Nonetheless, I’ll be honest with you. Having never used a cleanser with a cloth (my simple skincare routine can be found here) I over-complicated the process and confused myself (as can be seen in the video below). I also noticed on the Moringa Balm pot that I bought, that it very disappointingly had some of the branding missing, which I guess was a quality control issue. However, I really loved the results of the products on my skin and in particular would repurchase the Moringa Balm and a couple more cloths. Overall I really like what this brand stands for and am very pleased with these affordable, but slightly luxe purchases and can definitely see why they are bestsellers!

If you want to watch my first impressions of the Moringa Starter Kit, click the video below and remember to like, comment and importantly subscribe to my channel, for a new video coming to you every week!

Psst… for any other newbies to Emma Hardie here, I have also seen that Cult Beauty are offering the Midus Touch Collection for just £20 which includes a miniature sized Starter Kit (15ml products) plus the mini Midus Touch Mask!

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