2019’s Latest Health Trend

With the New Year now in full swing, healthy living is on everyone’s minds. Whilst Californian beaches are now purely a memory for myself or a daydream for some, there is one way that we can capture the essence of California in our day-to-day lives. Simply by incorporating their healthy attitude and mindset into our diets and lifestyle, without taking the 11 hour and a half flight! One superfood that really encapsulates this and has been sweeping our Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds is acai. Acai pronounced as ah-sigh-hee (not ah-kye like I initially thought), is one of the latest health trends that has blasted all over London’s chic cafés, with health and fitness bloggers like one of my favourites Sarah’s Day swearing by them too, along with many influencers on social media. But what actually is acai and is it worth it’s hefty price tag?


Acai is an antioxidant known for its health boosting qualities. It can be bought in a powder or berry form and tends to be added to a concoction of fruit and vegan friendly ingredients to create an aesthetically pleasing acai bowl or acai smoothie! (It’s that gorgeous looking deep plum coloured food in the bowls pictured). I never knew that this food existed or paid too much attention to discovering it until numerous Bali instaposts crept up on my own Instagram feed like Kirsty Elizabeth’s here!


You know that thing when you buy a jacket that you absolutely love and think “Wow, how don’t more people know about this incredible jacket?” Then you walk down the street and all of a sudden see about 5 different people wearing it… Well, a similar thing happened here, as I started noticing just how popular acai smoothies are in London too. I realised that every day on my route to work I passed Health Hit – a smoothie bar with so many flavours on the menu, with acai at the centre. This left me quite intrigued enough to finally try a famous acai smoothie.

The reality of what I got however is unfortunately not quite an Instagram superstar or a friend to my finances. A medium sized smoothie cost me a pricey £7.50 (so that’s why there were no prices on the menu!) I think my face said it all when I got to the till point as I was offered a complimentary cheese bread roll (which luckily was delicious and softened the blow that my purse took.) Fortunately the smoothie tasted amazing and restored my interest in acai. Plus I knew that my lunchtime smoothie had so many health benefits to it purely by it’s ingredients:  mango, banana, protein, magneisum, acai, beetroot and tumeric. Hello to my healthy heart!


So what’s the verdict? I really like the health aspect but not so much the price of buying this kind of healthy smoothie, unless you’re also going to get the pic for the ‘gram that is. Unfortunately in my case I’m not so sure whether it’s worth it! However, I do want to try to make my own acai smoothie bowl or smoothie to take a more proactive approach to achieving a healthier lifestyle. Plus making it at home is definitely a more cost effective way to achieve this. What’s more, I did feel surprisingly full and energetic in the afternoon at work where I would usually be reaching for another cup of tea instead for a caffeine boost. Perhaps those health and fitness gurus are onto something after all!

If anyone has any recommended acai smoothie recipes, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Fashion & Beauty Update S/S 18

It may be grey and drizzly outside, but I am getting myself ready for Spring with a pop of colour here and there. Bit premature? Never! I am breaking down the key trends both in beauty and fashion to look out for as you update your style this season. If you’re going to treat yourself on payday let it be one of these things!


  • Supermodel skin is the big one this Spring. Think more glowy and low-key make-up. Invest in some good moisturizer. Use an illuminating primer ( I like Estée Lauder’s Illuminating Perfecting Primer) and some highlighter to your make up. Highlighters are available in a stick, powder or liquid form and will definitely brighten your face and whole look! Glossier products also have a great range of products for both make-up and skincare to create a natural and pretty look.
  • Glossy and shiny lipsticks are taking over the Matte trend that was so popular in 2017. As much as I love a matte long lasting lip, I’m all for this trend. It will definitely add to achieving that healthy glow. Understated glamour and dewy make-up is where it’s all at this S/S 2018.
  • ‘Clean’ make-up is also making an impact and about time too! Make-up without harmful ingredients and more eco-friendly packaging is making a wave in the beauty industry, one that so many of us can get behind.


  • Circle bags. Many designers such as Chloé have circle bags in their collection this season. There are so many dupe’s on the high street and if there is one thing to invest in, this is my pick!!!
  • Pearl clips, clips in hair and lots of them. Glam up your usual straightened locks with lots of sliders teamed with an extreme side parting.
  • Oversized earrings. So easy and relatively cheap to make an outfit a 7/10 to 10/10 on style points. Great for those smart casual nights where you can add it to your combo of jeans and a nice top.
  • Bows! (in your hair specifically). Reinvent your childhood ballet days with a cute bow tied over your ponytail.
  • Hats. Baker boy, beret or beanie. No outfit is complete until you add one of these babies to your look.

HFM have all the bold colours on point this season! Above are my statement earrings that I am currently loving which are available from New Look.


When it comes to Spring this season’s colour’s won’t disappoint.

  • Your reds from Autumn/Winter ’17 are still going strong, great for brightening those grey days- like today!
  • Forest greens are making an elegant entrance, a colour to suit both blondes and brunette.
  • There was also a strong influence of lilac and lavender colours seen during Fashion Week. A lavendar maxi coat will certainly add some chicness to your outfit. I nabbed a great lilac coat from Primark a few years back which will be making an appearance this season. P.S. It’s not all about buying new things, I guarantee you that you will find some hidden gems in your wardrobe when you do your Spring Clean!
  • If you’re feeling more brazen, corresponding colours are a true fashion statement. Think a fuchsia pink blazer with matching trousers, throw on a pair of heels and a slogan tee for after work drinks.
  • Those of you who love your nudes as much as Kimmy K, you’re still covered! Teddy coats are all the range right now and you can’t go wrong with one tan. Not only are they stylish, but they are super-cosy too! Double points from me.

Patterns and Textures

  • A pair of satin trousers will jazz up your outfit and give you Victoria Beckham vibes.
  • I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice, now I’m saying it three times… check, check, check! This pattern is not going anywhere any time soon. In the office, on the high street you name it! It’s everywhere, not only is it fashionable but practical too.
  • Fringing detail is also a fashion statement this season. Let your inner country girl come out, maybe you have that suede jacket with fringe on the sleeves hidden at the back of your wardrobe? It’s time to let it have it’s hay day once again! Failing that, a cute bag with fringing works too.


  • Slogan tees; there is no need to say out loud what’s on your mind. Wear it instead.
  • Socks and shoes. This may have been a no no for many years, and for dad’s sock and sandals is still a no-go! However high heels with a pair of cute ruffled socks will be creeping into your instagram! I’m yet to be convinced on this one.
  • Cinderella shoes! All the pretty princess heels you could ask for. This will be a Saturday night investment that will pay for itself.
  • Heavy-duty ankle boots decorated with buckles and studs. Think biker chick; pair with a floral maxi dress and you are Spring ready. Check out your nearest Topshop for the pair that everyone is lusting over!

That’s it for my fashion round up for S/S 2018, all we need now in this British weather is some sun. Failing that a good filter on your photos will have to suffice!

Wishing you all a happy Saturday!

My Wardrobe Must Haves

Today I’m trying something new which is so 2018- blogging on my phone. Unfortunately this isn’t by choice but I have come down with a horrible bug and I just can’t bear myself to open my laptop. However I have really enjoyed writing daily and no bug will get me down (for too long!)

In my last fashion related post I spoke about the seasons biggest trends. What’s great is that many of these trends are continuing into Spring/ Summer 2018, so those investments you made will pay off. Nonetheless you really don’t have to blow your budget to stay on trend and I’ve found some great steals on the high street and in the sales. In this post I am going to dedicate it to my staple wardrobe pieces and there will be a separate post soon on hair and beauty trends, stay posted guys! Now see me play dress up in my best buys this season.

The Red Jumper

I was on the hunt for my perfect red jumper this season which had to fit into the following criteria:


No itchy or scratchy jumpers please, these just make me come out in a rash or I’m scratching like a kitten gone wild. It had to be comfortable otherwise I would just end up never wearing it.


This goes without saying that style and chicness is key. I wanted to be able to throw my jumper on without having to plan my outfit too much. The jumper had to be versatile going with skirts, jeans and trousers of all colours.


Criteria of red is not specific enough for my liking. It had to be true red or a red that only has a tinge of orange, rather than a totally “orangery red”.

I actually found two red jumpers I loved! The first is from H&M and was on sale for just £12.99- BARGAIN! I got mine in an extra small for a tighter fit.

I would pair this outfit with some heeled sock boots and a statement belt to bring it together.

The second jewel I found was this oversized jumper from Zara costing only £39.99- Not sure if it’s now in the sale it may be less!

I love how versatile this jumper is, that it can be worn tucked in or alternatively for a boyfriend style it can be worn just loose. This piece would also suit a statement necklace or earrings, mom jeans or a cute checked skirt. I’ve paired mine with my checked trousers from H&M at £30 I think. This leads me onto my next trend…

Checked patterns

As you can see above I’ve paired my red jumper with some checked trousers. The ones I have I would recommend as they are 10/10 for comfort and fit. I have seen countless coats in checked or houndstooth pattern all totalling over the £100 mark. Although this is a standard price for some coats, it wasn’t in my budget at this stage. You know that saying that when you’re not looking for something you will find what you have been searching for? That’s exactly what happened with this coat! The stars aligned and it was destiny. From £60 down to £30 with a 50% discount in the H&M sale was this beauty.

I love the length and the fit of this coat which also really compliments the vibrant red tones.


I found my next piece at Reserved. I can’t remember exactly how much it cost me but it was definitely under £20.00.

The ruffle trend has been seen all over London Fashion Week and it brings some movement and a twist to your usual outfit.

I absolutely love this shade of purple and it’s something that I don’t already have anything similar to in my wardrobe (brownie points to me for branching out). Even being so pale in these Winter months, I think the shade will suit so many skin stones and hair colours. I would combine this top with some over the knee boots for even more style.


I wear florals all year around, and I know what you’re thinking,

“Florals for Spring. Groundbreaking”.

I just can’t help it I’m drawn to them! 60s floral prints are said to be the next big thing- great for any boho babes. This next top I got is from Zara (bit of a theme going on here) and it’s also got ruffles. It’s not quite 60s but I’ve combined it with my purple leather mini skirt from New Look and some sock boots from Dorothy Perkins.

This is a close up of the boots I’m wearing for anyone wondering.

Im glad that I chose a block heel as it definitely makes them easier to walk in!

That’s it for my style pieces this season, I hope this gave you some outfit inspo! What other trends are you following?