Beat the Lockdown 3.0 Blues!

Welcome back to the first blog of 2021! I hope you’re feeling refreshed after the Christmas break, and that your week got off to a positive start. On Sunday night I pictured myself getting up nice and early, ready for the first Monday of 2021. I was genuinely looking forward to reinstating a bit of a routine to my day once again, and begin working on some of the things I wanted to achieve this year. However the reality of my first working day of 2021 saw me wake up 90 minutes later than planned (oops)…

A very accurate representation of what my morning looked like

Alas, I didn’t allow this to set the tone to the rest of my day. Instead I rewrote the narrative and thought just how rested I was feeling, and how grateful I was that there was no commute to rush for. We all know that a New Year doesn’t magically change our reality and I am definitely not one to proclaim, “New Year, New Me”. However, I love the optimism that the New Year presents itself with. But if you’re struggling with a bit of motivation today (especially after last night’s lockdown 3.0 announcement), here are a few of my posts I wrote in 2020 to send some positivity your way.

If you are feeling a bit blue and struggling to feel optimistic, read my post – Appreciating The Little Things

Maybe you are on the 2021 hype and want to be more efficient with your day and get organized, read my post – Get More Time Back In Your Day

Looking for a a bit of inspiration for self-care? Read my post – 5 Ways To Look After Yourself This Week

A New Year means a new series to watch, but if you missed some of my top picks in lockdown 2.0 for 2020 which are classics, read my post – TV Shows to Binge in Lockdown

If you’re on a health kick post Christmas, have a read of my post – 5 Smoothie Recipes To Try Now

It may be the new year but don’t let that dampen your dreams of a holiday this year. To see how I spent my week off at home, read my post –2020, A New Meaning to Staycation

And finally, if the prospect of working remotely for a bit longer is getting you down, read my post –Working From Home Tips | Mental Health Awareness Week

Sending big hugs to you all and wishing you a positive week ahead – you got this.

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There’s Still Time For Us Yet…

At the beginning of this year I was filled with so much ambition, optimism and a sense of adventure. After hearing great things about vision boards, I decided it would be the first year I would make one for myself. At first, I began to sprawl many ideas across the page. Some were overly ambitious goals and some were simple ideas. I also noted down things I wanted to try and places I wanted to go. Of course, any new experiences and travel destinations were pushed aside for obvious reasons, but there are still a few things I have managed to achieve, and some that I am yet to start…

Having spent 3 months of this year in lockdown, and 6 months of it living in a socially distanced way that no one could have anticipated, I have had the opportunity to hone in on what kind of life I want to live. It’s allowed me to regularly reassess my vision board and which areas of my life I want to explore and develop. I’d recommend you to leave some space on your vision board, so you can add to it throughout the year for this specific reason. Along the way, I’ve learned that my motivation stems mostly from me being goal-orientated, and achieving those goals requires making intentional and conscious actions repeatedly. One example on my vision board for 2020 included “to live an active lifestyle“. There were a few points this year where it felt a bit too much effort, but I reminded myself that consistent actions will eventually form new habits, and in turn would help me to reach my goal. I would also ask myself, “How would I feel at the start of 2021 knowing that I now prioritize my health and fitness?” That question has stuck with me and helped keep me focused.

With only 5 weeks to go of 2020 I thought it would be a good time to revisit my vision board again, and get thinking about what I want from the year ahead. In case you are interested in doing the same, here are a few questions to get the ball rolling for your vision board:

  • Where do I envision myself one year from now?
  • How do I want to feel about…?
  • What things do I want to achieve?
  • What actions will I need to take to get there?
  • What one word will I choose to help define the year ahead I want/ need?

If you’re naturally arty, creating your vision board will be a really fun activity, but if like me, your creativity is blessed in other ways – don’t worry! Focus more on the content of your board, instead of it’s aesthetics. I’d also recommend you to add some goals which aren’t just material based. This will be a lot more satisfying and you’ll notice a lot of personal growth! Remember, we may be knocking on December’s door, but there is still some time left this year to get started. Do not wish the year away, when so much more can still come from it!

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New Years Resolutions

Monday 1st January 2018.

What a brilliant day to start the year on. It really appeals to the organized side of me. Especially a clean and fresh diary. Do you know what is the perfect way to start the New Year? No, I’m not suggesting a gym membership that you will only use most of January, some of February then one week before your holiday in July. Instead a perfect way to start 2018 is writing down your goals or New Years Resolutions, the kind you’re gonna want to keep. Also if it’s in writing, you kinda have to keep it, or at least try.

1. Spend more time doing the things I like.
Right so this one is easy, but I should stress that I want to do more things I like but are also productive.
I could say I am going to spend more time exercising, which is productive and leads to better health, mood etc but it needs to be an exercise I like. Chances are anyway if you do something you like you are more likely to stick to it.

2. Stick to a good skin care routine.
This year (oo my bad) last year in 2017, I found a skin care routine which actually helped me combat my teen woes of spots. I found that for my skin I can’t use anything that is too perfumed (it causes me to break out), I need to take my make up off properly (cleansing rather than face wipes), use moisturizer at night + day for face and eyes, and hydrate well by drinking plenty of water. All easy enough, just requires a bit of effort.


I find that Clinique works well for my skin as it is fragrance free

3. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.
This is a toughie as it seems by default we all care to some degree what other people think. This year do more things that make you go outside of your comfort zone. Whether it is sharing your blog with others (not mentioning any names), singing on stage at Karaoke, going traveling alone or even speaking up about how you feel on a topic. No matter how big or small, go that extra inch to put yourself out of your comfort zone, you may be surprised just how good it makes you feel.

4. Save money by spending money wisely.
Whenever it comes to thinking about my holiday, a trip I really want to do, or an expensive car repair, I always wish I didn’t spend money on luxuries which one can deem as unnecessary things. Don’t get me wrong, overall I like to think I am quite good with my money but naturally I feel guilt for buying myself that 5th grey jumper I probably didn’t need. This year I am going to change my attitude and spend wisely. By making small changes such as bringing lunch into work more often and keeping track of my finances regularly, I hope that I can take more trips and make the most of my 2018.

5. Stop procrastinating.
Ultimately this year I know that I will revisit this resolution. Procrastination is just the biggest time waster. Each goal I set myself whether it is for the week, month or the whole year I am going to try to stop procrastinating and actually get things done. To do so, I am going to try to make my goals seem more interesting and less intimidating. Doing a spring clean? Play your favourite music or YouTube video and get on with it. Do you want to eat better but say you will start tomorrow? Start at your next meal. You want to read more? Buy, rent, download, borrow a book that interests you. Do you have an assignment or deadline? Get a cup of tea and JUST DO IT. Whatever it is that motivates you, find it and try to incorporate it daily. For me the simple things that help to motivate me is physically writing down my goals and tick them off my list.

Now it’s time to take my own advice. 2018, nice to meet you. Let’s see what you got.