Emma Hardie’s Starter Kit | Honest Review

I first stumbled across the Emma Hardie brand on YouTube when I saw Anna Saccone using her dual-action cleansing cloth in her fake tanning routine. After a bit of research, I was intrigued to try some of her products. The brand is vegan and cruelty-free, focusing on natural healing and skin rejuvenation for all skin types. It is also free from many harmful ingredients such as SLS, parabens, silicones and more. When I saw a combination of Emma Hardie’s bestselling items available in a bundle on ASOS (+ a 20% discount), I couldn’t resist picking up the Emma Hardie Moringa Starter Kit!

The kit is usually £30 and contains the brand’s best selling Moringa Cleansing Balm, dual-action cleansing cloth, a wash-bag and the Midus Touch gel. The premise of the kit is simple; it is your one stop shop for your morning and evening skincare routine. So, how does it work?

  1. The Moringa Balm can be used to cleanse your face and to remove make-up. Simply take a hazelnut amount and rub it into your palm, and then gently into your face and neck
  2. Next soak the muslin (cotton side of the cloth) in warm water, rinsing any excess water and cleanse away
  3. If you wish, you can then use the microfibre side to exfoliate and polish your skin for a dewy glow. Again take a hazelnut amount, apply, rinse with warm water and gently wipe your face
  4. To finish, apply the Midus Touch gel on your neck and face but avoid the eye area

Sounds great! But what does each product actually do?

The Moringa Cleansing Balm removes all traces of make-up and dirt off your face. For the last seven years I have purely used cleansers and/or micellar water rather than make-up wipes to clean my face, and I must admit that I was thoroughly impressed by this product. At first the balm texture is hard in the pot, but easily softens into a liquid substance when you rub it into your palm. As someone with sensitive skin, I was pleased to see that the balm did not irritate my face or eyes. Instead it left it feeling very soft and moisturised, whilst also crucially removing a lot more dirt off my face than any other cleanser I have used.
You can also leave the Moringa Balm on your skin overnight for a super hydrated treatment – something that I looking forward to trying!

I like the size of the dual-action cleansing cloth and definitely noticed on first-impressions that as promised, the microfibre side brightened, buffed and deep cleansed my skin. I also really like the fact that the cloth is machine-washable so it helps to reduce waste and is far more sustainable. I did wonder whether the Midus Touch gel would leave my skin feeling tingly (as so many other products do). However it glided onto my skin and left it feeling cool and calm, resulting in an instant glowy complexion.

Nonetheless, I’ll be honest with you. Having never used a cleanser with a cloth (my simple skincare routine can be found here) I over-complicated the process and confused myself (as can be seen in the video below). I also noticed on the Moringa Balm pot that I bought, that it very disappointingly had some of the branding missing, which I guess was a quality control issue. However, I really loved the results of the products on my skin and in particular would repurchase the Moringa Balm and a couple more cloths. Overall I really like what this brand stands for and am very pleased with these affordable, but slightly luxe purchases and can definitely see why they are bestsellers!

If you want to watch my first impressions of the Moringa Starter Kit, click the video below and remember to like, comment and importantly subscribe to my channel, for a new video coming to you every week!

Psst… for any other newbies to Emma Hardie here, I have also seen that Cult Beauty are offering the Midus Touch Collection for just £20 which includes a miniature sized Starter Kit (15ml products) plus the mini Midus Touch Mask!

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Glamour Beauty Festival 2018

On Mother’s Day I celebrated the day with my mum at the Glamour Beauty Festival held at The Saatchi Gallery in London. The Saatchi Gallery is based in Sloane Square, a beautiful area in Chelsea, famous for it’s contemporary art.

We had tickets for the morning session, which was perfect to make the most of day (and avoid the rain!) The tickets were for a very affordable £40 each and entitled you to one free talk and a goodie bag (so worth it!) Pixiwoo were scheduled to speak which I was so excited about but unfortunately had to cancel. Nonetheless another make-up artist took the stage and was sharing tips and tricks, answering audience members questions whilst giving them makeovers!

At the Glamour Beauty Festival every pampering need is met, you can get your hair curled, braided, glittered up – you name it. GHD, Batiste and Schwarzkopf are just a few of the big brands who were there to style your hair. Batiste dry shampoo is a staple favourite of mine so naturally I found myself drawn to their stall.

They had four styles on offer and I was so ready to get a little spin on my usual go to wavey look.



I had some Khloe Kardashian vibes going on with my hair and I absolutely loved it! I definitely will be recreating this look.

As you go around the beauty festival there are tons of stalls on each floor dedicated to all things hair, skincare, make-up and nails. To name just a few of things available (as there was so much!) you could completely relax with facials, hand massages, make-up lessons and makeovers from Revlon, Nars, By Terry, Kat Von D and many more! Essie, Nails Inc. and Orly were there to give free manicures. I went for a denim blue nail polish- a colour I’ve always wanted to try but never had, residing in my comfortable pinks and reds! After 3 days my polish hasn’t chipped whatsoever- a record for someone like me and a testimony to Orly. Each person at the Festival also gets a Goodie bag from the brands, which is so worth it! Here are the products I got in the goodie bag plus a few extra samples picked up along the way throughout the day…

Reviews yet to come, keep your eyes peeled!

Also how cool the silver Glamour title has reflected the shades, creating this unintentional rainbow effect!

On top of that Feel Unique were also giving you more freebies, allowing you to choose an extra 5 samples from the brands at the festival. I chose a Bed Head Tigi dry shampoo, Vita Liberta Body Blur, St Tropez Self Tan Purity, Clarins SOS Primer and Murad Retinol Youth Rewenal Serum! A few other samples in the Feel Unique bag included Philosphy’s Amazing Grace perfume sample, Burt’s Bees night cream sample and John Frieda Shampoo and Conditoner. Such a bargain!

When it came to refreshments you were each entitled to a glass of free Prosecco with optional strawberry caviar. This was my first time trying Caviar so I’m not too sure how it’s meant to taste, but I did like that this Cavair was pink! There was also a range of Twinnings herbal tea on offer. I tried the glow tea and certainly will be buying it. If you haven’t tried it, go for it! It’s a blend of strawberry, cucumber, aloe vera, green tea and biotin. Coffee and cake were also available to buy, as was more prosecco at the Bubbles Bar! There were also some competitions on the day you could enter, simply by drawing a raffle ticket from the tombola. Prizes to win included a Phillips Lumea Prestige or a Phillips Sonicare Diamond Clean.

If you want to have a taste of luxury and decadence in the world of all things hair and beauty, this Glamour Beauty Festival is for you. Tip for the wise, as cute as a pair of heels is, go for the flats and bring a rucksack, with love from the girl with the sore feet and back!

Nip + Fab Skincare Review

I always love trying out new skincare products but I’m quite picky on what I use (I swear that’s not a contradiction!) Over the last couple months I was wearing my “Clinique Moisture Surge” moisturiser and as lightweight and skin friendly as the brand is, I still sadly had a few minor spots appear. How? I’m not too sure, obviously something in this product reacted badly to my skin. Sorry Clinique, as much as I love you, this product is not the one for me…it’s not you, it’s me ❤

I wrote about Maria Hatzistefanis’ new book last week and so to continue with the theme, I have tried out a couple of her products from the critically acclaimed Nip and Fab Skincare line!


If you read my review on some of Nip and Fab’s make-up, I mentioned that their skincare line targets different areas. One of the ranges I tried was the Bee Sting Fix line. Products you can get in this collection includes an eye cream, a face mask, toning pads and a face cream. The Bee Sting Fix range is predominately for first signs of ageing; I may be 23 but you can’t be too young to start preserving your youthfulness! I have been using the Bee Sting Fix cream as my daily moisturiser (which can be used at night too) and it is one of the brand’s bestsellers; the sales speaks for themselves.

I also tried a product from the Viper Venom Fix range, which is for smoothing and refining. The line includes the following products: a primer- the ‘Viper Venom micro blur and fix’, a night fix cream, a frown fix and the anti-ageing eye gel. I bought the anti-ageing eye gel which I apply daily after the moisturiser.


With names so catchy and unforgettable as “Bee Sting Fix ” and “Viper Venom” I was already entranced to try the products even just for their fun names. When it comes to the packaging for the moisturiser, it is appropriately yellow for it’s bee theme. However the plastic material gives it a slightly cheap feel. However, it is eye-catching, simple and ultimately effective. For the Viper Venom eye gel I really can’t complain. It’s so much easier to apply on the go than a pot of cream. It’s a smooth, slender tube with a ball on top to roll on the gel. The benefit of a tube rather than a pot of eye cream is that it gives you the luxury to top up and hydrate your under eyes throughout the day easily for a pick me up, or even on the plane to make you feel a bit more alive and beat jet lag. I definitely see myself carrying this in my handbag.


In comparison to my goodie and oldie Nivea moisturiser it was a bit pricey, but when I compare it to some other moisturisers on the market for the size of this pot, it really isn’t too bad. At £20.95, it’s a steal I suppose. The Viper Venom Fix eye gel comes up to £15.95. Again for the size of this eye gel, it’s a really competitive price.


So what do I think? Does it do what it says on the tin? With the moisturiser I feel like I have to put on a bit more than I would normally to fully cover my face. However as soon as you apply it, your can feel the ‘Bee Sting Fix’ effect. It made my skin feel firmer and look smoother. Throughout the day my skin was fully hydrated. If you follow my blog you will know that I have quite sensitive skin, so I was a bit cautious trying a new skincare range as well a new cream. However so far I have been so happy with this Nip & Fab moisturiser and my skin has actually cleared up. What’s more, I haven’t noticed any dryness whatsoever! One gold star for this product!

If you hadn’t guessed it, I really recommend the Viper Venom eye gel, it’s so light but like the Bee Sting Fix cream, you can feel the ‘snake venom’ awaken and hydrate your under eyes instantly.

Final Verdict

My final thoughts is that the Nip And Fab fan club continues. I’m looking forward to trying more from the brand and will be buying these products again!

What range and products shall I try next from Nip & Fab?

How To Be An Overnight Success

This has to be the best kept secret in the industry. We all want to know how we can become successful in the most glamorous and simple way possible. If only it was that easy. Maria Hatzistefanis shares with her readers just how to make this possible. Keep reading on if you want to see a snapshot of what Founder and CEO of two highly successful make-up brands, Rodial and Nip and Fab’s, best tips are.


The tag line of the book is “Making It In Business” and one thing that Maria emphasises throughout is consistency. Unfortunately there isn’t such a thing as an overnight success, and good things never come easy. Being consistent, hardworking, innovative and overcome challenges is one big factor in achieving success. As simple as it sounds, being your own biggest cheerleader and taking responsibility when it all goes wrong, not just reaping all the rewards is the skill that needs constant attention. Especially when starting out in business you need to be the guy behind the scenes, the problem solver, the frontman, the editor you name it!


Why are you looking for a new job? Maria has a checklist to help you figure out how you know you need to make a change. It gives you the very real reality check that you need to ask yourself if are you happy, proud and enjoy the job you are in.

“Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Who inspires you? I’ve been saving quotes or photos that inspire me, like the above. Sometimes it’s just the thought you need to give you the get up and go.

Find what works for you- when are you most productive? What environment do you thrive in? Can you motivate yourself to work if you aren’t surrounded by people. Get out of your comfort zone and face your fears. The book is a good motivator for any newbie entrepreneurs or hopeful self-employed starters. It’s especially great to remind you that sometimes getting fired can be the best thing that happened to you (in hindsight).


There are lots of really helpful tips on how to create a buzz about your brand from the importance of social media, setting up events and choosing the right venue to knowing what influencers and faces for the brand you want to represent it. As well as this there are some funny and insightful stories of Maria’s own experiences, reminding you that we are all only human and we can achieve success.


Knowing your look and your style is key, and you really don’t need a stylist to the stars to achieve it. One thing I did pretty much as soon as I finished the book, was to go through my wardrobe. I sorted out pieces that I hadn’t worn in years, old fashion trends that had seen better days and clothes that simply didn’t reflect me anymore. Old shoes which I hadn’t worn in who knows how long but were still in good condition, I donated to the charity shop. Just as fashion changes so do our own styles and tastes. Don’t feel sad about saying goodbye to the sentimental items- after-all, this means, more space for new clothes! Keep your style original whilst but remember it’s still fine to be inspired by others. Remember when Kylie Jenner had blue, green and highlighter hair? Although her style has since evolved, she knew at the time what she wanted to put out with her style. You may not be seeing me with her exact hairstyles but I may be inspired by her nail colours or make-up looks with a twist of Natalia on it.

If you want to learn more about her journey and best tips then definitely get her book. It will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to begin your brand, persevere as an entrepreneur and above all, tobelieve in yourself.

Nip + Fab Make-Up Review

You must have heard about Nip + Fib, if you haven’t – where have you been? They are very affordable and have products to target just about anything. They have skincare ranges for exfoliating and brightening, hydrating and plumping, softening and strengthening, targeting ageing and finally for smoothing and refining. They also have a fabulous make-up range professing to get you flawless, sculptured complexion to get you selfie ready. You can find them at any Boots and Superdrug so you won’t have to go far to achieve this look. I have been using Nip+Fab’s travel palette in 01 Light and the orange/terracotta colour corrector created to target dark under eyes. Although it’s recommended that this shade is best suited for darker tones, I find that it really combats my dark under eyes and I simply go over it with a touch of foundation afterwards. I also use the yellow corrector for days where I need to brighten any dull areas.

Packaging: I really like this monochrome scheme across the brand and this highlighter blush palette is a handbag friendly size; no wonder it’s called a travel palette. A slight downside is that you can tell that it is a cheaper high street brand as it’s a bit more plastic than posh. However I would say that the quality of the products outweigh this, so who am I to complain?

Price: The price for their make-up is a huge plus for the brand as it’s very affordable and doesn’t hurt your purse strings whatsoever. The travel palette is only £9.95 but is now on sale for just £4.95 on Look fantastic.com! That’s a true steal. The colour corrector is also on sale at Superdrug from £7.46 to £5.97. I find that the products also last such a long time as you really don’t need to use a lot.

Standard: If you read my blog on my skin story you will appreciate how important it is for me to find products that make my skin happy. I haven’t had any irritation or noticed any breakouts with Nip + Fab, so to all of my sensitive skin girls out there, this brand is for you! Plus you know you can trust the brand’s quality as it’s the little sister of Rodial.

Tips: When it comes to applying the skin correctors, a little goes a long way. Be cautious when squeezing the product out as you only need a pea sized amount. Less is more and it’s harder to blend in an excess amount in a smaller area, like under the eye. If you do get too much product out, use a beauty blender and blend until you feel like Picasso.
The travel palette in 01 has a lovely glowing highlighter, a rosy pink and a champagne/camel bronze. It also comes with a mirror so you can apply on the go! (You can also get this palette in a darker medium shade.) I would recommend that you make sure that you have a separate brush for your highlighter though, so that you don’t get any of the blush tones transferring over onto the other shades in the palette. I haven’t tried any of the brand’s foundations or lipsticks but that will definitely be next on my list for their make-up range. If you have any recommendations of any of their other products, please let me know in the comments below. Swapping tips and reviews is a great way to try before you buy!

The Nip + Fab philosophy prides itself on being “Accessible, Affordable and Effective”, so if you’re a girl on a budget looking for good quality make-up, treat yourself to some Nip + Fab.