5 Easy Everyday Hairstyles

One thing I’m thankful for this year, is wearing my loungewear throughout lockdown. However spending so much time seeing myself on video calls throughout the week, I have become a bit bored of my go-to natural-air-dried-hair. So I thought I’d share with you 5 easy ways I am styling my hair, with each look only taking up 5 minutes of my day! All you need is a hairbrush, some hair ties, a hair straightener/curler, hairspray and texture spray (I’d recommend Andrew Fitzsimon’s which is available from Primark).

  • Style 1: Loose plaits
    • Starting at the nape of your neck, plait your hair in two.
    • Leave a few strands of hair around your face for a more casual look.
    • Loosely pull the plait for a more undone style.

  • Style 2: Loose curls
    • The beauty of curling hair just to stay at home, is that you don’t need to worry about spending time styling the back of your head!
    • Using your styling tool of choice, take 2 inch thick strands of hair and curl from the middle of the hair down.
    • For a beachy wave, curl in alternative directions.
    • I’d always recommend to curl the pieces of hair which frame your face outwards, rather than towards the face.
    • Brush out or use your fingers to loosen the curl.
    • Use texture spray and hairspray for some volume and extra hold.
    • N.B. Curling works best on hair that isn’t freshly washed.

  • Style 3: Half-up & half-down
    • Simply part the top third of your hair and tie with an elastic.
    • For this look, tie it up higher than you usually would so you can show off your locks on your video call!

  • Style 4: Accessorize
    • The simplest of them all – grab your headbands, hair clips, scrunchies and accessorize your hair! You’ll be surprised how put together this will make you feel.
  • Style 5: Top knot
    • This has been my no.1 lockdown look! Roughly pull the hair back into a ponytail and wrap it loosely round into a bun, focusing on positioning it close to the crown of your head.
    • If working on hair which is a day or two old, you can tie the bun more loosely with an elastic.
    • If freshly washed, your hair will be smoother so tie the hair up tighter, to hold for longer.
    • I like to add texture spray for added lift!
    • If you’re feeling super fancy, you can also accessorize the bun with a scrunchie!

What hairstyle have you been loving recently? Let me know in the comments!

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Easy Hair Updo’s

I’ve always loved trying new hairstyles. One of my favourite toys as a kid was this big dolls head (not creepy I promise!) where you could plait and bead the doll’s hair. In fact if you looked at my saved items on Pinterest you would probably think I’m training to be a budding hairdresser. Instead, I’m just a girly girl when it comes to hair. I will notice your haircut or if you’ve gone a shade or two lighter. I am inspired by hairstyles everywhere I go; down the street, in magazines, you name it. It’s probably why I love the hairdressers so much. The creativity flowing through the salon, the fresh colou and glamorous blowdrys are like my very own Disneyland satisfying all my beauty needs (okay I exaggerate, but I do love the pampering!)

Recently I’ve updated my look by keeping my roots dark with a Balayage style throughout my hair (a cheat tip for maintaining blonde hair). I had it dyed more ashy followed by a toner to get rid of a lot of the warmth in my hair, emphasizing the cool Ash blonde tone. I love cool shades for this time of year, it feels so fresh and on trend. If there is one thing I would like to start doing more of is dedicating more of my time to styling my hair differently during the week. I tend to blow dry my hair straight and on non-wash hair days, I use a bit of dry shampoo and throw my hair up in either a ponytail, or in a bun that takes all of two minutes. However I’ve been looking to shake things up a bit whilst keeping it simple so that I can incorporate it easily into my real life routine. If like me, you want to some inspiration for new and easy hairstyles, carry on reading!

A Bun With a Twist


There is something so LA about this look. Now that we are moving out of hat weather, make the most of no hat hair with this look!

Chignon Reboot


A chignon is an elegant knot or twisted look bun which you may see a lot on bridal looks. This can actually be recreated really easily and quickly. Simply tie a low ponytail and feed the hair over itself, twisting it through the pony. I’ve gone for a half ponytail here for some variation. This style would also look really great with curled hair.

Mini French Plaitimg_3435

I love this hairstyle and it’s so versatile across so many age groups! It’s also great for those days at work where you may want your hair off your face but sacrifice on style. This also has a beach babe Summer vibe, that will look great from day to night.

Hair products I’m currently loving:

  • System Silver Shampoo to keep my tones ashy.
  • Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique for heat protection when styling my hair. I like to use this after newly having my hair coloured to prevent it from getting brittle and dry.
  • Olaplex Hair Protector No.3.

Hair products I’m looking for:

  • Texture and volume products. Any recommendations? I was going to try the Ouai Texturising spray but for the price and some reviews stating that it had an odd smell, I decided against it.
  • On that note- Perfumed hairspray!
  • A new blow dry brush (sadly mine is no more after many years use).
  • Hair masque – I love Kérastase’s range of hair masques but I’m hoping to find something cheaper that lasts just as long, and for the same quality… is such magic possible?

Please let me know if you have any products that you recommend. Happy styling everyone!

No Heat Hair Do’s

It’s amazing how a small change to your hair can make you feel different. Good- different. No wonder so many people cut or dye their hair when they want to feel empowered, get over a break-up, celebrate overcoming a challenge, you name it. I suppose it’s an identity thing and our hair has a major part to play in expressing our identity, so every now and then we feel the urge to change it up. Change doesn’t always have to be bad! Not to fear though, I am not telling you to get a drastic cut or dye your hair red suddenly, you really don’t have to. If you fancy a change or to try something new you can have a look at some styles I have been loving. I have always enjoyed finding new ways to style my hair and it’s even better when you can change your hair easily, for free and without any damage! That’s right, no damage. I can hear the cogs in your brain turning as to how?! Here is my list of different ways to update your style instantly.

Plaited Ponytail

Take inspiration from supermodel, Gigi Hadid with this super easy updo. High pony then simply plait. Easy as pie.

Effortless Ponytail

Take a strand of hair from your ponytail, wrap it over your elastic band and secure with bobby pins. Simple as A, B, C.


Made famous once again by the relatable Meghan Markle. This bun has replaced the top-knot, giving a chic and more undone twist on the ballerina bun. Leave some strands of hair at the front of your face loose to recreate Meghan’s look.


Upgrade your regular plait with a fishtail plait. Begin by splitting your hair into 2 rather than 3 parts. Simply take a thin strand from one side and cross it over to the opposite outside strand, pulling it taut, repeat this onto the other side crossing it under this time. Repeat all the way down the plait. Secure any loose ends with a bobby pin like I have. Don’t worry about it being perfectly plaited either!

Accessorise It

Pony tail with bows is a big trend this season. If on a budget or want a more homey feel to it. create your own bows with a ribbon and experiment with high and low ponytails. You can also change the ribbon for a silk headscarf for some Summery vibes.

Tuck It In

Trying to keep that blow dry in tact or maybe you’re having a bad hair day? Who knows! Take a leaf out of Olivia Palermo’s book and tuck the ends into your turtle neck or sweater. You can also pretend to have short hair for the day, or if all else fails- it’s a great lazy hair do!

How To Plait Hair: 3 Different Styles

Plaiting a girl’s hair is not only a dad’s worst nightmare but a skill that women everywhere work hard to achieve. Depending on your hair type and length it can get even more complicated. Trying to do your own hair without eyes at the back of your head makes plaiting even more challenging. The only thing you can do is practice, practice, practice!

I love a hair plait as it can be so chic, versatile and it has really come back into fashion, especially the last couple of years. With us hopefuls already looking forward to the Summer months, this is also a really popular hairstyle to learn in time for festivals, beach days or just a casual trip into the city. Below I’m going to try to keep it simple and will show you 3easy and different ways that you can plait your hair.

No.1) The Classic Plait

This is the premise of all plaits and an easy one to learn. If you already know how to do this doing the next two hairstyles will be a lot easier. If not then no need to worry; I’ve got you covered.

Starting at the base of your neck split your hair into three parts. Take the left strand and cross it over the middle strand and pull taut to the left. You now have a new middle strand. Next pull the new middle strand under the right strand, pulling taut to the right. Then repeat these two steps all the way down the hair. You are simply taking the the middle strand and pulling it under the left strand, then middle under the right. It’s that simple! Finish by tying with a hair elastic or a hairband.

No.2) The French Plait

This one gets a bit more complicated but only slightly contrary to what people believe. The tricky part is holding your hands on your own head, as they get tired and knowing where to place your fingers as you pull over the strands. If you are a beginner you can make it easier by placing a mirror both in front and behind you, so that you can see the back of your head. Alternatively practice on someone else first to get the method correct. Essentially the French Plait is the same as a classic one, just beginning higher up on your head.

Starting at the top of your hair line, take a thin portion of the middle section of your hair and split it into three strands. Take the left strand and pull it over the middle (holding it taut as you pull out the middle strand), this now becomes the left strand.

Then take the new middle strand pulling it under the right. Again as you pull out the right strand hold it taut, as it becomes the new middle strand.

To create the French Plait, you now need to add another layer of hair from below the strand, adding more as you plait your whole hair. To do this pick up some hair directly below the left strand and add it to the left bundle of hair you are currently holding. Next cross over this now thicker left strand to the middle. As you pull the original middle strand to the left, also take a layer of hair from underneath it and add it to the bundle of hair in that section. Remember to hold the hair taut.

Then add some more hair below the right strand to the section, as you cross this over to become your middle. As you pull the middle strand out, again add hair from underneath to the bundle. As you hold this out taut, it will now become your right strand. Repeat these instructions all the way down your hair until you plait as much as possible.

Remember that this is the same method as a normal plait, as the left and right strands cross over the middle. You are simply adding more hair to each bundle as you plait.

No.3) The Dutch Braid

This is very popular and again easy when you know how. The only difference between this and a French Plait is that the plait appears to be ‘over‘ rather than ‘under’ the hair. This is exactly the difference and the key to creating this look.

Begin again by splitting your hair at the crown of your head, close to your hairline, into three strands. This time, rather than the left strand going over the middle, you tuck it underneath the middle strand instead. Pulling taut again as you cross. Then take the right section and pull it under the middle keeping it tight. When doing a Dutch Braid I like to repeat these steps once again, before adding hair from below as it makes it easier to secure the plait.

Now as you continue to plait and add the below lengths of your hair to each section, just make sure that the left and right strands are always pulled under the middle strand. In other worlds, to get the look that the plait is raised off your head, the middle strand will always be placed over the left and right pieces. Once finished plaiting to the end of your hair, secure with a hair tie.

It takes a while to get the hair plaited tight enough to not fall out and your arms may get tired as you try to get the logistics of doing this. To get a thicker or thinner plait, you simply need to add a thinner section to the bundle, or a thicker section of hair to the bundle. With plaits, practice makes perfect and bobby pins are great to secure any loose fly away hair. You can also add some hairspray for the hair to stay neat and secure all day. Before you know it, you will be able to recreate plaits just as impressive as Daenerys’ Targaryen!