2019’s Latest Health Trend

With the New Year now in full swing, healthy living is on everyone’s minds. Whilst Californian beaches are now purely a memory for myself or a daydream for some, there is one way that we can capture the essence of California in our day-to-day lives. Simply by incorporating their healthy attitude and mindset into our diets and lifestyle, without taking the 11 hour and a half flight! One superfood that really encapsulates this and has been sweeping our Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds is acai. Acai pronounced as ah-sigh-hee (not ah-kye like I initially thought), is one of the latest health trends that has blasted all over London’s chic cafés, with health and fitness bloggers like one of my favourites Sarah’s Day swearing by them too, along with many influencers on social media. But what actually is acai and is it worth it’s hefty price tag?


Acai is an antioxidant known for its health boosting qualities. It can be bought in a powder or berry form and tends to be added to a concoction of fruit and vegan friendly ingredients to create an aesthetically pleasing acai bowl or acai smoothie! (It’s that gorgeous looking deep plum coloured food in the bowls pictured). I never knew that this food existed or paid too much attention to discovering it until numerous Bali instaposts crept up on my own Instagram feed like Kirsty Elizabeth’s here!


You know that thing when you buy a jacket that you absolutely love and think “Wow, how don’t more people know about this incredible jacket?” Then you walk down the street and all of a sudden see about 5 different people wearing it… Well, a similar thing happened here, as I started noticing just how popular acai smoothies are in London too. I realised that every day on my route to work I passed Health Hit – a smoothie bar with so many flavours on the menu, with acai at the centre. This left me quite intrigued enough to finally try a famous acai smoothie.

The reality of what I got however is unfortunately not quite an Instagram superstar or a friend to my finances. A medium sized smoothie cost me a pricey £7.50 (so that’s why there were no prices on the menu!) I think my face said it all when I got to the till point as I was offered a complimentary cheese bread roll (which luckily was delicious and softened the blow that my purse took.) Fortunately the smoothie tasted amazing and restored my interest in acai. Plus I knew that my lunchtime smoothie had so many health benefits to it purely by it’s ingredients:  mango, banana, protein, magneisum, acai, beetroot and tumeric. Hello to my healthy heart!


So what’s the verdict? I really like the health aspect but not so much the price of buying this kind of healthy smoothie, unless you’re also going to get the pic for the ‘gram that is. Unfortunately in my case I’m not so sure whether it’s worth it! However, I do want to try to make my own acai smoothie bowl or smoothie to take a more proactive approach to achieving a healthier lifestyle. Plus making it at home is definitely a more cost effective way to achieve this. What’s more, I did feel surprisingly full and energetic in the afternoon at work where I would usually be reaching for another cup of tea instead for a caffeine boost. Perhaps those health and fitness gurus are onto something after all!

If anyone has any recommended acai smoothie recipes, I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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