Summer Recap 2019 | Love Island, Vlogging & Goodbye’s

With chillier mornings and shorter days now upon us, waking up to the sound of birds at 5am seems a distant memory. Welcome back to those of you who have followed me for a while and hello to any new readers! I am so glad you’ve stumbled upon my blog. I hope you all have had a lovely last few months (eek has it really been that long), with many a Prosecco or Pimm’s sipped throughout the British heatwave. What a Summer we have had, eh!

I thought I would take this first post back on the blog, to catch you up on what I got up to throughout my Summer 2019 as I’ve been pretty absent in the bloggersphere. I also thought this would be a great opportunity to recap and get back on track as my last few posts have been quite reflective or travel orientated, and with Autumn being the season of change, it seemed apt to sign off the Summer season before we head into knitwear weather!

Usually when I have a break from writing it’s a sign of me taking time to recuperate or focusing my time and energy on one area of my life at a time. However, the last 4 months since blogging I’ve quite honestly just been busy. Busy due to some (self-inflicted) distractions, busy with holidaying (bank holidaying and abroad), busy with my job (longer hours), and just generally being out of my routine as I tried to make the most of being in the now, enjoying every moment that I could with family and friends. All in all, this made up for a very busy, but very memorable Summer- one that I’d love to capture on this blog.

Let’s start at the beginning. Love Island. Having missed most of the series last year and now currently working in a very young office, I knew that I would be involved in the conversations about it at work one way or another. I had a feeling that there would be no escaping, whether it was memes flooding my social media or daily conversations over my morning cuppa as I checked my emails at work. I was right! So I committed myself to watching it for one hour a day, five days a week and quite honestly, that was my June and July in a nutshell. But wait, let me justify why absorbing my time into Love Island was so satisfying. My current workplace is very fast-paced and the Summer months saw my team understaffed, meaning more pressure to hit the same deadlines and meet expectations, but with the added challenge of Summer hours. Although early Friday finishes are a great perk and motivation, (something that I would love to instill all year round should I ever run a business), this meant that a lot of my energy was concentrated on my “9 – 5” self. By the time I came home after a tiring day at work, all I really wanted to do was eat, watch Love Island and find out which couple would survive Caroline Flack’s twists and turns, and get a good night sleep. By the end of June, one month into Love Island, I treated myself to a much needed break to Cyprus with my boyfriend!

Throughout my nine days on holiday in the Cypriot heat, I soaked in the familiar and comforting beaches I now know so well. After a few days of R&R, I ventured into my next project that I had been procrastinating for months. The world of vlogging and editing. At last, I finally began focusing on editing footage that I captured from the California Travel Diaries in action along with a few trips I had taken around Europe in the late Spring! However, as soon as I returned back home, I quickly learned that balancing working full time with blogging, editing videos and sleeping enough is a challenge and a half… and I haven’t even published anything yet! So in July, I decided I could no longer let Love Island rule my life, and wanted to get back into the swing of things and invest time in my new hobby. So I turned to my favourite online creators, and eagerly tried to discover their secret to my question, Can Millennials Have It All  and how do they seemingly do it all? Their answer – not so glamorous. In short, achieving anything worthwhile involves: being consistent, showing up, putting the effort in, making sacrifices and lastly, holding yourself accountable. Whatever your dream, side hustle or passion that you may desire to make your full time job, unfortunately it won’t be a reality if you wait for the day until “you have time” to come. You have to make the time. Something I allowed Love Island among other things to take away from me!

Soon enough, August snuck up on me. With further British heatwaves, bank holidays, Summer book reading lists, an even busier work schedule compensated by lots of Summer work socials, I found myself quite literally “living for the weekend”- a mentality I once swore never to have.

August was also filled with a theme of goodbye’s. Any spare evenings I had coming back from work were spent with family, as one of my brothers was preparing to make the move to the States ahead of his upcoming wedding. I chose to make memories with my family and be well rested rather than tucked away in my room writing and editing – a decision I am very happy about. I captured some home videos with family, my future sister-in-law’s hen do, my brother’s and his fiancé’s leaving party and a family outing to to Wales. Although I may not be sharing them across my social media, I am so glad I have those short videos to look back on. At the end of the month, I was also spoiled with a fantastic reunion with two of my best friends who have been living abroad over the last two years! I may not haven been as present online as I would have liked to have been, however offline my heart has been full and those around me hopefully know just how much I have valued their time, friendship and the memories we have made.

September has continued with the theme of change as I gradually have said goodbye to my “#summervibes” hashtag; enjoying final picnics of the season, a late Summer Festival at Gunnersville, days spent at theme parks screaming and laughing on roller-coasters at the top of my lungs; September has so far been a great month. Autumn has also brought with it an unexpected job opportunity for me. As a creature of habit by nature, I am quite nervous to embark upon a new adventure. Nonetheless this is a great incentive to get myself back into a routine and present myself with an exciting challenge. So as we move into this new season, expect (long overdue) fun travel blog posts and vlogs to come! I can’t wait to share more with you all and I hope you’ll join me for the ride!

Natalia x

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Opening Up About Mental Health

I’m not one to complain a lot and it’s not often that my cheery disposition disappears. However, I’d like to consider myself as an honest person and that’s why I must admit to myself out loud that my 2019 has so far been incredibly difficult. To say otherwise would be a lie. I really second guessed posting this piece as it’s perhaps the rawest and most real piece I’ve written to date, leaving me feeling quite vulnerable. Unfortunately life isn’t always so dreamy and light and I truly believe that it’s so important to identify and talk about these difficult periods, as well as the great moments in our lives. Despite the highlight reel we so often present to the world, life can be very tough and overwhelming; words that also describe my 2019 so far. Within these first few months of the new year, I’ve been faced with two people near to me being diagnosed with Cancer as well as a family friend whom was living with depression, sadly taking their own life. With one event happening after the other in only the space of a month, I’ve become painfully aware of how fragile life is. I’m not sure if it’s grief, the process of digesting what’s happening around me or both, but I know that this has been one of the toughest periods I’ve faced in my adult life so far. This has been externally evident too by my many mood swings; flipping between feelings of shock, despair, confusion, sadness, anger, helplessness and loss of control. Over the last few weeks I have been searching the internet hoping to find some words of comfort to ease this anxiety that I’m currently feeling during this period in my life. But somewhere between the frustration of not knowing what to google and overthinking, I now find myself here writing this piece. I find it very difficult to write in my “normal” style when I’m not in a clear headspace, (major props to those who can) so in the past I have opted for not writing at all. However this year I made a pact with myself that no matter what happens in 2019, I would not allow life’s challenges to stop me from writing, as I allowed it to do last year when my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, for fear of “bringing people down”. I know that these pieces really help me on so many levels and so I also vowed to myself that I would not just write these “real” posts, but share them with others. Mental health is just as important as our physical health and I hope that by writing my own thoughts and feelings down it will hopefully spark others to examine and speak out about their own feelings. After all, if I – a talker, am not prepared to share my thoughts and feelings, how can I hope that others experiencing similar scenarios (who may also be of an introverted personality), to do the same? I need to be the change I want to see in the world, right?

The word “Cancer” is in itself so heavily weighted and emotionally charged. When you hear the word you uncontrollably begin to imagine the worst as a wave of sadness overcomes you, let alone when it’s a family member or two you may know are battling this awful disease. To my surprise, after a few hours of hearing the news that my aunt had cervical cancer, I quickly adopted a logical mindset. I suspect that this was a coping mechanism to provide support to those around me; the human mind is clever that way. I thought to myself: What are the options? What are the facts? What do we know is certain? This would help me prepare myself and my family for what is to come as well as to be in a mentally good place to support my aunt. The next day I found out that my brother’s future mother-in-law had pancreatic cancer. I was grasping at straws, trying to find some light at the end of tunnel, the right thing to say. Meanwhile the pit in my stomach grew dull, the lump in my throat was rising as I was fighting to hold back the tears which if I let them escape in that moment, I’m not sure when they would have stopped. This was all too much and plain unfair to happen at once. The overarching sadness in the room was confirmed by my family’s silence, and if you know me and my family, silence doesn’t come naturally. I only allowed myself to really cry when it was just my boyfriend and I as this moment wasn’t only about me, there were other family members who needed my love and support more than I did in that very moment.

A month soon passed and everyone’s spirits had been slightly raised as treatment was underway for both of my respective family members. Things weren’t great but there was a glimmer that they may be ok. I was sat at my desk at work desperately trying to complete tasks off my to do list before lunch time, when I was then given the tragic news that a family friend had committed suicide. Before I knew it, my legs were carrying me out of the office. I reached for my phone to message and call my boyfriend and a couple of my best friends. Looking back now I know that I was experiencing a fight or flight response. I felt dizzy, sick and my palms clammed up. I had an insatiable need to cling onto life. I felt like running or punching a boxing bag. I imagined quitting my job on the spot so that I could go ‘live’ my life and not “waste” my time on my to do list. It wasn’t a realistic or rational thought to suddenly quit my job, where I am happy and making good progress, but in that moment I was confronted with clarity of what was important to me. At the same time I was also lost for words despite the flood of emotion I was experiencing. One of my best friends had their own history of depression and reliving that period still remains raw for me. She was one of the first people to come to my mind and I felt compelled to reach out to them on so many levels. I also felt like screaming out in anger as I was furious at the cards 2019 had dealt so far. What was the Universe trying to tell or show me? How is any of this fair? How many more things needed to happen before we could all catch a break, I wanted to yell! The strongest emotion of them all was the immense sadness that overcame me for the family friend themselves who felt that there was no way out of their black and dark hole. Who so tragically chose a permanent solution to a somewhat temporary sadness. For the family who were left behind. The only comfort I could provide for myself was the hope that he was now resting in peace and was pain-free. This news also came a few days after Mike Thalassitis a reality TV star from Love Island had also sadly taken their own life. There was so much media coverage about him and the importance of opening up about mental health. I hoped that this provided the same relief and support to my own family friends. I was saddened to learn that 12 out of 16 people every day in the UK who take their own lives are men. Suddenly my want to write and share this post became even more important, no matter how small my blog may be.

Over the last week I have felt guilty for feeling so sad and frustrated at the world, considering that this isn’t directly happening to me but around me. I’ve felt that I didn’t have a right to be upset to some degree. Or at least that everyone else has a much more of a right than me and I should just ‘get on with it’. Trying to find the balance between “carrying on as normal” – the British thing to do and talking about it as much as possible with family – the European thing to do (I’m of Polish heritage if you didn’t know). Over the last month I’ve become so acutely aware and appreciative of life, that all I want to do is to live in the now, soak up every day and appreciate the small things like when it doesn’t rain, that I had a conversation with someone new today and that I am able to and want to still be here both mentally and physically. I’ve tried to continue with my routine as much as possible, whilst making allowances for some breathing and resting space. I’ve made sure that I allocate time to do things that make me happy. To spend time with those who are dear to me. To not deny myself of seeking happiness. To be vocal and honest with myself about how I’m feeling, no matter how confusing or emotionally overwhelming it has been. I am so grateful to those who have been there to just listen, even when they didn’t know what to say.

I’ve also become aware just how resilient and incredible people really can be and I admire the strength I’ve seen from others around me. Should you find yourself in one of life’s inevitable dark moments, I hope you find the strength you may need to carry you. Although life can be at times unfair, it will keep on going on no matter what you do. It doesn’t give special treatment based upon your bank balance, age or status. I hope this post encourages you check in with yourself and others around you; to open the conversation. Sometimes it really is enough just having someone to listen to you, even if they don’t have the answers and when things do get tough, remember that even in the darkest of times there is light. No matter how much you may feel it, you are never alone.

I’ve listed some charities below you may wish to read or to share with a friend. It’s time to break the stigma.





A Not So Blue Monday

Monday 21st January is apparently the most depressing day in the British year of 2019. I suppose this makes perfect sense if you consider that we are coming down from the highs of Christmas, the joy of that weird in between week on the lead up to New Year where time seems, well – timeless. That is until now. Where we find ourselves (impatiently) waiting for our next paycheck, as we reluctantly admit that the resolutions we set some 20 days ago are now proving a tiny bit tricky to hold. To top it all off, the weather is cold; we wrap up in our wooliest hats as we face those zero degree temperatures on our way to work. Before you know it, your curiosity to “just have a look what’s new in knitwear online” crosses your mind, and you’re dipping into your already low dispensable income to buy even more but totally cute and (un)necessary knitwear on the train, just to soothe your pain of starting and ending your working day out in the dark. I definitely sensed this Blue Monday slump among the other commuters on my way into London this morning.

Although this does all sound rather bleak, and frankly makes me want to just throw on my dressing gown (because a dressing gown solves everything from a hangover to the meaning of life itself) and admit defeat as I turn on yet another episode of Friends, longing that I too could join the gang in Central Perk and drink coffee all day and wait for it… not have to work! It’s then pretty surprising when you find out that Blue Monday was actually intended to inspire individuals to spark change and make bold decisions in their lives. So, as I sat there on the train this morning, picking up on the low and tired energy of my fellow commuters, I got thinking about all the ways I can make bold decisions in my own life. I was also lucky enough to attend a motivational talk at work by Muireann Carey-Campbell, otherwise known as Bangs, from her blog – Bangs and a Bun. Bangs gave me even more food for thought on how we can do this – (the inspiring changes part that is, not the hanging out with Rachel and Monica in New York part!) So, in order to spark some change in your life and reinforce this as a habit in mine, here are a few of the tips that I am pleased to say I either learned from Bangs’ talk or are my own tips that she too reinforced in her own witty, insightful and realistic way.

“Small steps make big changes” – Bangs and a Bun

Feed the Hanger
First and foremost, I find I’m the most productive when I make the time to have breakfast. Not only does it feed the hangry lady who lives inside me at 7am, but it helps me get focused and kick-starts my metabolism for the day. Set aside an extra 10 – 15 minutes of your morning to have a good breakfast, it’ll do you wonders.

Sleep is Not for the Weak!
I have no idea why sleep is meant to be considered a bad thing! I’m more alert and find myself much better company and more productive when I’ve gone to sleep by 10:30/11pm. Bangs also emphasizes how sleep is so crucial for us to be able to function and how we as a society need to break the idea of, as NaS puts it that, “Sleep is the cousin of the death”.
Bangs’ Tip 1: Bangs also expressed my enthusiasm for sleep, despite being a raging insomniac herself. I’m happy to see I’m not the only one!

Plan Ahead
I always plan what I need to achieve and complete the next day, in advance. I.E. before I leave the office, I write a list of what I want to achieve tomorrow. Similarly before I go to sleep at night, I set reminders on my phone or add to my “Notes” on my phone, to give me the helping hand I need to remember to complete my own life errands, such as to ring the dentist/ book a gym class/ take a break (yes, I plan that to!) or whether it is to prepare my lunch for work the night before. My only issue at the moment is that I need to be more strict with the allotted time and try to be more consistent in following through on them.
Bangs’ Tip 2: This tip was the overarching theme of the talk, that small steps make big changes. For example, one goal of mine this year is that I want to eat healthier and save money, so I know that if I prepare lunch at home I’m one step closer to doing both. Although I’m not at my super organized stage at the moment, planning small and realistic steps to the overarching goal is definitely a smarter approach in achieving them. Plus it means I won’t completely give up on my healthy eating when I decide to treat myself at lunch time!

Bangs’ Tip 3: She recommended to write down three things that made you smile or happy today. Some days there will be so much and others it may feel like there are none. Nonetheless this is a really nice challenge for us to reflect on to find the good in our daily lives.

A Start Date
Don’t be afraid of saying your goals out loud, scientifically you’re so much more bound to achieve them if you do.
Bangs’ Tip 4: Sharing your goals makes you accountable for them. She emphasized to put it out there in the Universe by sharing it with a good friend, or someone you can trust. This will make you accountable for it and your friend can give you the push or encouragement and faith in yourself that you need when you begin to slip.

Back in October, I made the conscious decision that I wanted to start taking better care of my body. I love how much stronger, refreshed and clear headed I feel after a workout. I’m lucky enough to now have a gym at my work with various classes on offer, so there is no excuse. However, typically in the past I wasn’t a “gym person”, so I used to either go for a walk every lunch time in my local park by my old work for 30 minutes, or go for a run after work or mix it up by doing an at home Pilates class by following a YouTube video. I can confidently say that this really helps me beat my blues and is a great stress reliever!

Bangs’ Tip 5: With pure passion, Bangs lit up the room as she explained how achieving our goals is directly linked to movement. Bangs discussed the joy that toddlers experience when they first learn to walk; they love discovering what their body can do and every time they fall, they just get back up again, arms waving in tow. Finding some kind of activity or sport that speaks to you and brings you joy is so important! It also teaches you self motivation and resilience. We’ve all had that moment where we think that we’ve given that run all we can, or we have reached our max on how many press ups as we can do. That is until we find the strength within ourselves to go that bit further, to give it 5 more. Similarly, within our own goals, movement can teach us how small and often changes can lead us to our goals as well as give us the emotional strength to overcome the challenges that we may face in our personal lives.

Bangs’ Tip 6: Something that didn’t spring to my own mind, that Bangs articulated so eloquently was accepting what we didn’t achieve, but still seeing the good. For example, I didn’t pack my lunch for work today instead I bought my lunch from the canteen at work, but instead of shaming myself for spending that money, I appreciated that I caught up with one of my colleagues by chance when I was there. It was really nice to just take a moment out of our day to have a chat and share a laugh together. I accepted that although I didn’t save some of my money today, I did build a relationship more, and I’m okay with that.

Rest & Rewards
Bangs’ Tip 7: Take time out of your “goals” to do something completely different. Watch a film and switch off for 2 hours. You deserve it! Take the pressure off yourself and remember you don’t have to consistently be “on”. As much as consistency pays off, Bangs reminded the group that it’s all about balance and you have to give yourself some time off to have fun, so that you really can be your best self!

I hope this blog post gave you some realistic but inspiring ideas on how to make some bold and attainable changes in your life! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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Life Update: I’m Going Travelling!

There are many milestones throughout adolescence to adulthood. At the ripe age of 17 you can drive and have many a terrifying experience with your parents in the car, who tell (scream at) you to watch out for the pedestrians or the old lady on the pavement, who may suddenly decide to jump in front of your car at any moment. After a gruelling 6-12 months (however long you can bear those expensive lessons) you finally pass your driving test. Then at 18 years old you have a wicked house party (remember those days) set with strobe and UV lights. Throughout the multitude of house parties, you work hard and pass your a-levels and get a place on a University course, where you celebrate with your friends on a party holiday. You decide to party 10 days in Ayia Napa “let me hear say eh-o, eh-o!” as a final farewell. Then you jet off to University. Here you will learn more about yourself and other people more than you ever have. During your last year at Uni you turn 21; this is official adulthood and reality sinks in that you’re really growing up. Soon after you graduate and are given your first job, whether it’s your dream one or not, it’s truly exciting.

However in-between the next milestones, in my generation there seems to be a gap before you reach the next lot. Or perhaps you didn’t even go to University and are stumbling through life hoping for the day that you can buy your first property and the next milestones of getting married and having children are somewhere up there in the distant haze of the future. So what’s there to do in between? Well it seems for a millennial like me, travel is now playing a big part in it. No matter what your path may be I’ve noticed it more and more. Whilst I finally was offered my first job in HR, many of my friends decided to go travelling. My closest friends went for 6 weeks around South America, moved to study in Amsterdam, jetted off to New Zealand or followed their hearts to go to Australia. I worked hard and got as much experience as I could. However I couldn’t escape the feeling that I was missing out potentially on some of the best experiences in my 20’s, before I were to achieve the other milestones in my life. I had a little voice in my head saying, “It’s not time yet for this to be my life”.

I was so eager to see more of the world and have an adventure of my own. I didn’t want to have the regret of thinking “I could’ve/should’ve done that”. Especially now, where thanks to the property market I’m nowhere near being able to buy my own place, it seems that travelling has come at a very good time. I’ve worked hard for my money so it definitely does not seem wasteful (something which did cross my mind for a fleeting moment). I’ve also got some experience under my belt, which was vital to me. So where does that leave me now?

Well this Summer I’m saying yes to that little voice and I am beginning my travels in California and New York! I will be doing a road trip with my boyfriend around California and then we will be using public transport around New York. I’m so excited to say the least to experience the Californian lifestyle and live my best Blair Wardolf dreams (although she definitely did not use the subway!) As sad as it was saying goodbye to my lovely colleagues in a job I truly enjoyed, I left on a high note as I was leaving to go do something that is so very important to me. As valuable as working is (and pivotal for survival!), I’m at a point in my life where I am still living at home so I have the luxury to go and explore without worrying about where I will come back to. Travelling is also very accessible nowadays and there really is no reason why you should not go!

“To travel is to live” Hans Christian Anderson

So why California and New York? I have never really been out of Europe for starters (I have been to Turkey which counts as Asia technically, but I stayed in the resort the whole time.) I wanted to keep it simple on my first big trip but live the “American Dream” this Summer and not have to worry about language barriers. It’s no secret that my generation has been spoiled by American sitcoms, dramas, reality shows you name it. I wanted to see the real life thing amongst all the beautiful nature that North America has to offer. Plus that saying “Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times” is very poignant in this case.

What’s on the cards after this trip? Now that would be telling!

Keep up with my blog and Instagram this Summer to see where I am and what I’m getting up to in America! I will be sure to write about it all on here.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations on what I must see or pack when I go, as well as any particular blog posts you want to read about. Let me know if you have travelled or if you would you like to!

My flights and accommodation are all booked, it’s just my excitement that I can’t contain any longer!

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Pressing the Reset Button

Recently on my blog I’ve been doing a few more “think” pieces, which really resembles where I am in my life at the moment and a large focus of what I want my blog to be. I want it to speak those who love to talk about beauty as much as they love to talk about the personal reality of their experiences. As much as I can appreciate the thought behind an asethically pleasing and perfect planned Instagram post, I absolutely love when my favourite bloggers and YouTubers open up about real life topics in their blogs and vlogs. Whether it is a small as sharing skin issues (any other Lydia Millen-Gordon fans love it when she was rocking the sudocrem? Come on we all use it secretly! Thanks Lydia for keeping it real), or discussion surrounding bigger topics such as how the birth of a child may have changed someone’s life, these conversations bring people together.

Ironically to my blog name, I haven’t been talking on here much this April. However there are reasons when people take a break to reset, even from the things that we enjoy the most. I must admit there have already been more pauses with my blog than I like. However as someone who wears their heart on their sleeve, I can’t put my feelings on hold. When I’m sad, I will let it show but when I love, I love hard. This means that when as issue arises I give myself time to feel and work what I’m going through. Recently this has meant that I took some time out of my blog, to give myself the time to do so.

I have spoken briefly on my blog about the fact that my Grandmother’s health has been deteriorating; a troubling, frustrating, sad and unfair process to watch and difficult to talk about. It is so hard to watch someone that you love become a frail version of themselves. It has also meant multiple hospital visits but valuable quality time spent together amongst family. Something which I’ve only really appreciated since giving myself some time to reset and come to terms with it all.

Here are a few ways that I have been trying to reset:

1. Reaching out to friends

Accept the down moments but don’t do it alone or pretend you aren’t impacted by what’s going around you. Stress can manifest in different ways, mine is physically with IBS and split nails. As supportive as you can be to your own family, make sure you get the support you need to. Talk to someone about what’s going on, you may be surprised how much lighter you may feel afterwards. I confided in my boyfriend and close friends; speaking to someone outside of it all really helped. It also reminded me that life continues and you can have plenty of fun catch ups.

2. Spend less time online

When I was having some time out, that also meant not posting on social media and not checking it as regularly. It wasn’t quite a digital detox but definitely a break. This allowed me to not be distracted and have some time alone time to process my own thoughts.

3. Taking time to take care of yourself

When visiting hospitals became my new normal, I definitely felt like I needed to restore some actual normality back into my own life without feeling guilty for it. Whether it’s taking 30 minutes to have a bath, cooking some nice food, getting back into the hobbies you enjoy or visiting the cinema. Force yourself to do something fun even if you don’t feel like it. It will lift your mood and give you the refreshing moment you needed. If you’re lucky enough to take a day trip grab hold of it and do it. You will be a better person afterwards and would have regained some strength.

4. Letting go

I’ve also learned the hard way that resentment only imprisons your own mind; the issue/situation/person that you resent and wish to change, experiences no pain. As soon as you accept that, it is a freeing moment. You can let go of that personal pain and actually begin to accept what is going on.

Over the last six months, I have recently felt that as I’ve been doing these things there has been a change in the air around me. Perhaps it’s my perspective changing, some personal growth or at the risk of sounding too hipster, the energy that I have been putting out into the world has changed. I’ve really felt a zest for life and clarity that I haven’t felt before. A sense of what’s important, focus and appreciation. It’s a feeling that in the past I’ve experienced merely in waves, before snapping back to the same old routine. Yet now, rather than fighting life when times have been difficult, I have been trying to learn to be a lot more accepting and as difficult as it is. I have been understanding that there are some things I cannot control.

The overarching lesson I’ve been learning is that

Where there is darkness, there is light

Although a difficult concept to believe in during stressful times, this is an important mantra I hope to hold close in my heart. As hard as it is to talk about these personal matters, it’s good to start somewhere and sometimes you just need someone to listen. I hope that if you too find yourself needing some time to reset, you can remember that there is some positivity you can find.

I would love to hear if anyone else has experienced anything similar, what your thoughts are on taking a break to reset. What do you do to give yourself a break and what you have learned.