An Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

With a reputation for being one of the most elegant hotels in London, I was truly excited to go to the Ritz for an afternoon tea. It was every bit as ornate as you would imagine. The hotel itself is located a moments walk away from Green Park, unfortunately the Queen’s carriage was busy that day, so I very cleverly decided to walk from the tube in flats. I decided to bring a pair of low closed toe block heels to change into (H&M) once I entered this luxurious hotel and be in keeping Erin the dress code. These black H&M heels are great for both comfort and style, where you can be sure to avoid any embarrassing accidental falls! Also if I learned anything from the Royal Wedding it’s that you don’t wear open toe shoes to any posh event! For my main outfit I wore a black fitted jumpsuit with short lace cap sleeves (Missguided approx £30 circa 2015) with a black leather bag (Forever 21 approx £20 circa 2016). I had also actually gone to the hairdressers the day before to go blonder for the Summer and get a fresh trim, so luckily I didn’t have to do too much to my hair as my blow dry kept for the next day!

As you walk into the Ritz, there is a cloakroom where you can change into said appropriate shoes and give any bags or jackets you wish to check in. There is also the most luxurious ladies bathroom I’ve ever seen in a fantastic shade of pink. I don’t want to ruin it all too much for you, but this beautiful orchid will give you an idea of what theme the bathroom is! Elle Woods would have a field day is all I’m saying!

Upon arrival to your afternoon tea, one of the butlers will show you to your table where you will have a moment to admire the beautiful Palm Court, the room where you will be dining. There is a grand piano being played in the background which is great because I can see how many may be intimidated by this whole experience and a bit of music can settle any soul. The golden statues and chandeliers and the intricate ceiling artistry really does make you feel like you are visiting for a royal occasion. Seemingly, you may feel like a Royal simply from the selection of 21 teas for you to choose from. I chose a Rose Congou tea from Guangdong, China which was light and delicious.

I was very impressed by how the butlers will come and regularly fill up your teacup so you do not have to lift a finger, well, apart from choosing a sandwich. You are brought plate upon plate of sandwiches which are every bit as English as you would hope. Elegantly bite size with no crusts, these are scrumptious with a cup of tea. There are also scones with clotted cream and jam, macaroons and various other desserts; if you have a sweet tooth these are definitely for you. Although delicious a couple of the desserts were a tad too rich for me. However the scone was utterly delicious and was served still slightly warm.

Overall I really enjoyed this experience and if you are lucky enough to go and enjoy an afternoon tea yourself, dress smart, relax and enjoy yourself with a glass of Ritz Champagne in hand! It’s very easy to be overwhelmed by how formal the Ritz is, but the staff truly want to make you feel comfortable and are very friendly, with even the doormen offering to take photos of you and your party should you wish. If you put this on your Bucket List, I would recommend to save it for a special occasion because an experience like this will be truly unforgettable and deserves a worthy cause!