A Weekend in Costa Del Sol

One thing in my 20’s that I have been trying to take advantage of is how easy it is to fly around Europe from London (at least this was the case pre-Brexit). In just two to three hours with a ticket costing you under 100 (sometimes even 50 pounds) you can find yourself in a much sunnier climate. During Easter 2019, I took a trip to Picasso’s home town for a long weekend in Costa Del Sol. Spain is such a beautiful country to explore and is very accessible to travel around particularly by train; ideal if you fancy doing a tour around the country.

My trip to the Andalusian region of Malaga was short but sweet. Touching down at the airport, I took an easy train ride to Fuengirola to my newest Airbnb home for the weekend.  Tip: The train platform is located right outside the terminal so there is no need to worry about the train being an inconvenience. It is also certainly cheaper than a taxi ride! We initially had planned to stay in Malaga but as it was Holy Week or Semana Santa as it is locally known, this meant that the peaceful weekend getaway I was hoping for, may not have gone to plan. The loud musical Easter processions run all night in the city, so I was advised to stay in Funegirola – a smaller beachside town instead. Easter processions still run in this town just as they do across country so you can still experience this Spanish tradition. However, by 11pm the town reverts back to it’s typical Spanish lifestyle of wine and tapas bars taking the centre stage again.



Fuengirola is certainly quieter than Malaga but by no means should it be overlooked.
My Airbnb was a centrally located, light and a very spacious 2 bedroom apartment, kitted out so chicly in Ikea furniture. The host was kind and even bought some board games for us in case we decided to stay indoors, as rain was forecast for the weekend (of course the British weather travelled with us to sunny Spain!) Nonetheless the rain mostly held out despite the clouds, and we spent the first two days pottering around the town. We walked leisurely walking alongside the beach, occasionally stopping to have a Cruzcampo in the bars that were interwined throughout Fuengirola. There is also a small lovely beach, but our April visit unfortunately meant that it was far too cold to do a spot of swimming or sunbathing. One of my favourite finds in Fuengirola was La Galleria, a food market with stalls to enjoy a bite to eat and a relaxed place to grab a drink. One thing to note is that smoking is permitted inside, something that of course has been banned in the UK for a while so it was a bit odd to get used to again!



During my long weekend I also spent one day each in Malaga and Marbella. Both are easily accessible by train and/or bus, with public transport even running during Holy Week. On Good Friday we explored some of what Malaga had to offer by beginning with a walk in Parque de Malaga. Here we admired the ornate baroque and renaissance statues,  surrounded by many colourful and somewhat tropical plants! But with only a few hours to see some of Malaga’s highlights we had to be selective with our time. So we took a walk to Castillo de Gibralfaro for some great views of the city, followed by walking down to the Roman Theatre to see the ruins. The sun finally came out in the afternoon so we sat by La Malagueta beach, which is located on the city’s waterfront. Being so centrally located, I can imagine this beach would be heaving in the Summer months. Tip: For any Summer visits to the city I’ve also read that Torremolinos (approx 20 mins away) is a nice day trip out, as are the beaches, La Misericordia and Los Almos; Los Almos even has beachside concerts in the Summer!



We correctly anticipated that the city would be busy given it was Good Friday in Spain- a Catholic country. Upon first impression, the processions were slightly intimidating. Large crowds march in traditional dress of long robes and tall pointed hats covering their faces, as they carry religious statues throughout the towns, accompanied by a band playing instrumental music. However, after a while you soon become accustomed to it and the processions really are a unique and cultural experience.


Old Town, Marbella

On our last full day in Spain we travelled by bus from Fuengirola to Marbella. We mainly walked around the Old Town but if you are in Marbella there is a lot to do! Popular for partying in the Golden Mile, you can also go shopping in Puetro Banus, do water sports at Naguelas Beach or walk along the Paseo Maritimo.


Old Town, Marbella

Overall I really enjoyed my weekend in Spain – even if the sun didn’t come out to play as much as I hoped! If sipping wine and eating tapas or some espeto (grilled sardine) at a local chiringuito (beachfront bar) isn’t enough to sway, this Andalusian region also has some incredible hikes. I didn’t have enough time to dedicate to this but the views from Caminito del Rey look breathtaking and would be a good activity to keep you busy for 3 hours or so!

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A New York Minute | Day 38 – 44

A New York Minute | Day 38 – 44

Five jam packed weeks had passed since we first arrived in New York. Throughout those five weeks my boyfriend and I had a trip of a lifetime driving around California, wine tasting until our hearts were content, taking wonderful hikes and exploring many, many beaches. We had seen a lot and were running low on energy. In hindsight, we should have planned our week in New York at the start of our California trip, when we were fresh faced and full of energy. When we returned to the city at the end of our trip, it was mid-July and the humidity was a challenge within itself. Nonetheless, boy did I fall in love with New York! It was a change of pace in comparison to California, but the city has an unwavering energy, incredible views and mouthwatering pizza which was better than anything I could have imagined.

Wednesday 18th July – Day 38
After our one night stay in Manhattan Beach we packed our belongings for one of the last times into our suitcases. We were quite excited to return our car back to the rental company as it meant our last week would (hopefully) be relatively stress free, as we could rely on New York’s subway system and walk everywhere. Charlie from Marriage Story definitely had a point about being able to walk around New York vs sitting in LA traffic!


The view from our apartment

We had a really pleasant flight with Delta Airlines from LAX to JFK – flying domestically is so easy in the States! As soon as we arrived on the East Coast we ordered an Uber to our new accommodation in Astoria. We had learned from the mistake we had made when we first arrived in New York back in June, where we decided to stupidly walk from New York’s Jamaica stop at 11PM for 40 minutes to our somewhat dodgy Airbnb. This time around, we took an easy Uber ride and lugged our (now much heavier) suitcases up 5 flights of stairs to our new temporary home. Although we built up a sweat, it was worth it for the view of New York from our apartment. After a day of travelling, we kicked off our shoes and began our New York stay setting the precedent of what was to come with some pizza.

Thursday 19th July – Day 39
It was a hot day in New York but that didn’t stop us from exploring. It had been a couple of weeks since we were able to do some laundry and the idea of dragging our cases to a local laundromat was unappealing. I was running out of stuff to wear, so used this as the perfect excuse to take a seat on the Subway to Prince Street to do some light shopping. Afterwards we decided to have our first meal of the day as it was already lunch time. Nonetheless, with only a few precious days left of our trip, my boyfriend and I were determined to try the best pizza joints in town. On that list was Rubirosa, where I enjoyed one of the best meals I have ever had. During the meal I noticed how every single customer shared the exact same testament. Every first bite was followed by satisfactory lips being smacked and expressions of pure delight. After the best pizza of my life, we continued some shopping at Century 21 picking up some gifts for family members along the way.

82544176_471096640255041_7218135090063212544_nNew York, July 2018

Walking around New York is fascinating, down every road there is something happening and each street has its own vibe. One of the most humbling experiences was paying tribute to those lost in 9/11 at the Memorial.

That day, a steam pipe burst in the Flat Iron district which was then deemed unsafe to visit for a few days until it was resolved. So we grabbed a pint at O’Hara before catching the subway home and picked up some basic groceries to get us by the next few days.

Friday 20th July – Day 40
This was one of my favorite days in New York as we ventured around Manhattan. Imagining my lifestyle on this elegant side of the pond, we strolled around 5th Avenue choosing which house would be ours when we make the big bucks. This being one of the most expensive streets to live on in the world, it would require a few wins of the lottery too! For lunch we went to the bar Jeffery and enjoyed the Happy Hour deal of a sandwich and a pint. Here you can easily catch the Roosevelt Island Tramway if you want to explore Roosevelt Island. Instead we had a wander around Central Park on a glorious Summer’s day and watched the world go by; local teams playing a game of Baseball, many a picnic being shared, runners getting their miles in, it was a different side to the city.


Me in Central Park

Late afternoon we had a drink at the Empire Hotel Rooftop Bar which turns out to be the bar where Gossip Girl was filmed! You get a fab view of the city from here and I wish I visited more rooftop bars during my visit to NYC. Sadly this was the last hot day of the weekend and I had a pounding headache so we didn’t do much that evening.


The view from the Empire Hotel

Saturday 21st July – Day 41
Waking up refreshed but to a more cloudy and overcast New York, it was evident a rainstorm was brewing. Until then we took advantage of the weather and had a day out in central New York. By our subway stop in Astoria there was the Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company, where we bought a wrap and panini for brunch and caught the next train to Times Square. I am a huge theatre fan and have always wanted to see Chicago on stage. Cuba Gooding was doing a stint in London but we thought it would be a great show to watch on Broadway. Before the show began we went to Faces & Names and spoke to the bargirls who gave us some great recommendations for the next few days! I love how friendly people can be to tourists, it’s so useful particularly when you only have a few days to explore a city.

I really enjoyed the show but I think I put too much pressure on the casting and expected Catherine Zeta Jones and Renée Zellweger to come out! I’ve seen that Erika Jayne is now playing Roxie Hart and I would love to see that if I had the chance.

When we left the theatre, the weather was turning so we had a drink at Valhalla then chose to go back nearer to Astoria. We kept up with the pizza diet at Milkflower and certainly weren’t disappointed. Soon after, the rain had started pouring so we had a cocktail at Sweet Afton before running home for refuge.

Sunday 22nd July – Day 42
On Sunday we explored Chelsea and began the day with our new found favourite, Breakfast Bagel & Coffee Company. We travelled to see The Statue of Liberty, took a wander around Chelsea Market where nearby I found some amazing fitting Free People denim shorts (which I grabbed learning from my Palm Springs regrets!) There is so much to do and see in this area and would recommend it to anyone! This was also the perfect timing as it was set to be thunderstorming later on that day. That afternoon, we had a shmooze around Ganservoot Market and a drink at a Dutch Bar called Trinken. When the rain came pouring down we spent the evening having drinks and playing games in a Barcade followed by a Chinese takeout. Initially this was meant to be our last night in New York before we flew back home, however due to issues with our flight we stayed one extra day. This was somewhat lucky as I don’t think I could have flown after all this alcohol, but it was also somewhat unlucky as our limited budget led us to a risky choice to stay in a not so chic area of Brooklyn.



Monday 23rd July – Day 43
The next morning we left our loft apartment with the incredible view, trudged our suitcases down the 5 or 6 flights of stairs and got an uber to the subway station. Paying homage to our new found favourite café we had one last breakfast wrap and braced ourselves for the subway journey. As good as New York transport is, it is not made for suitcases filled with 6 weeks’ worth of belongings. I recall thinking that hoisting our suitcases on this journey was more challenging than hiking in Yosemite! We arrived in our Airbnb to an area of Brooklyn that we clearly hadn’t researched and was one of the most rough areas to stay in. Although the apartment was decorated nicely, I’m pretty sure the host didn’t clean or change the bed sheets over from the previous guest. We were grateful we were only staying there for one night. As soon as we dropped off our bags we went into more central Brooklyn checking out DUMBO and Manhattan Bridge as we walked along the Hudson River. For dinner we ate at the famous Grimaldi’s; at least the New York city food never let us down.


Pizza at Grimaldi’s

Tuesday 24th July – Day 44
For our last 24 hours in New York we planned to do a half day of exploring. However, this was by far the hottest and most humid day so far in New York. As soon as we stepped outside the sweat began to pour down our faces. With only a few hours left before we were to leave America we soldiered on. First we took shelter in Bagelsmith at Williamsburg for a famous bagel. We walked around a few vintage clothing stores around Bushwick. Soon enough the humidity was too unpleasant so we hit up another bar, this time Sea Wolf, before getting the subway back into more central New York to finish off with one last pizza slice at Joe’s Pizza – a staple in the pizza list before it was time to bid goodbye to our New York adventure.



It had been an eventful six week long journey across California and New York, where we had only touched the surface of what America has to offer. Some may argue that this isn’t “real” America, but for us it was the taste of travel that we needed and we created memories to cherish for a lifetime. I’d highly recommend an extended travel trip that goes beyond your average holiday. You learn to budget, meet cool and interesting people, learn about yourself through some difficult times and open your eyes to more of the world, broadening your thinking. I can definitely understand how people get the travel bug particularly during their 20’s.

Thank you for following me throughout this travel series, I hope that you enjoyed it!

I would love to know where is somewhere you have always wanted to go? When will you make the time to do it? Where should I go next?

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California Travel Diaries |A Weekend in San Diego

120 miles away from Los Angeles, lies the birthplace of California – San Diego. With an average weather of 21 Degrees Celsius (70 Degrees Fahrenheit), it’s the perfect weather for exploring it’s 70 miles of shoreline….  That’s right, even more stretches of white sandy beaches! The city is also home to a large active naval fleet; I even met one of the navy nurses on Coranado Island. There is so much to see and do in San Diego and I only touched the surface. Have a little read of my travel diary from the weekend I spent in San Diego! Fun fact, the city is 34% safer than all the cities in America!


San Diego, July 2018

The Basics

When: July 2018

Where: San Diego

What: La Jolla, Mission Bay, Presidio Park, Ocean Beach, Coronado Island, Little Italy, Baja regions, Balboa Park, Gaslamp Quarter, Seaport Village in Downtown Waterfront, San Diego Zoo & Safari Park, Old Town (filled with Mexican restaurants and Mariachi bands!), visit the suspension footbridge for an awesome selfie, Maritime Museum to see The Star of India (world’s oldest active sailing ship), USS Midway Museum with the famous sailor statue next to the ship, spot the San Diego seals among the beaches, enjoy Petco Park’s views and experience the Old Town Trolley Tour

Saturday 14th July – Day 34
My brother happened to be travelling in California with work during this week so we made plans to meet up in San Diego for the weekend. Keen to have an “All American” experience we met by his hostel in Ocean Beach at Raglan Public House for a pint. We spent a couple of hours catching up on our trip thus fur, over burgers & beer, recalling our interesting accommodation stories and all! Afterwards we drove to our new Airbnb whilst my brother had a nap. On our drive down one thing I noticed in San Diego was how houses and apartments are built literally within the hills. It’s quite an incredible but frightening structure! When we arrived, we realized how close we were to San Diego airport and were kicking ourselves for booking to fly back from LAX. I initially planned on staying in a swanky LA Hotel in Hollywood on our last night before swapping this for one more night in Manhattan Beach. In hindsight we should’ve planned to fly from San Diego and spend the money on a nice hotel there instead.


Later that afternoon, we ordered an Uber to catch another baseball game, this time with my boyfriend and brother. We remembered to bring our passports so we could enjoy a few beers during the game; a novelty not permitted at English football games. The game was in Petco Park which is supposedly named “The World’s Best Ballpark” and I can confirm that it lives up to the reputation with it’s amazing views of the San Diego Bay. It seemed we had become accidental fans for the Chicago Cubs having previously seen them play the Dodgers, as it so happened they were playing against the San Diego Padres. We also had other entertainment throughout the match as my brother’s jet lag caught up with him making for some very funny interaction. In combination with this, his attention was distracted for the first half of the game by nearby spectators. One had sneaked in some booze and as a result had an argument with his new found “friends”. You would have thought that Snoop Dog was in the house with the amount of times we heard, “You talking to me, dawgggg?!” Eventually the guy was removed and we continued watching the game, in which the Cubbies were once again victorious.

Sunday 15th July – Day 35
We began our Sunday at a suitably named café – Snooze AM Eatery, as we incidentally missed the Football World Cup’s Quarter Final Game in which England played Sweden. We had got the kick off time wrong and missed all of my brother’s wake up phone calls. Nonetheless, I woke up feeling rested and my boyfriend and I decided to explore one of San Diego’s main attractions – Balboa Park. The park is filled with many incredible architectectual landmarks, botanical gardens, a Japanese Friendship Garden, The San Diego Air and Space Museum as well as the San Diego Zoo. With limited time, we decided to spend our afternoon exploring the zoo. With nearly 4000 different animals across the 100 acres of land, we spotted flamingos, gorillas, hippos, elephants, giraffes and various birds of paradise. That afternoon we then took a 15 mile/20 minute drive to La Jolla to meet my brother for a walk along it’s rugged coastline. We walked along La Jolla Cove, a smaller beach filled with seals sunbathing on the rocks. La Jolla also has an abundance of bars and restaurants to enjoy with of course, amazing Mexican dining options. However as we only had one more day left in San Diego, we decided to eat somewhere in Little Italy. This area has many bars, restaurants, shops and a weekly Farmer’s Market  called “Little Italy Mercato Farmers Market” – fairly easy to remember.  I had read an recommendation to eat at Filippi’s Pizza Grotto to experience Real Italian authentic food. The restaurant is located at the back of a small Italian food store where you get a feel for old town Italy. The walls are decorated with photographs of family and lifetime friends across generations proudly on display. As we sat down to eat, I spotted the owner of the restaurant sat manually checking his accounts and receipts; it was just like My Big Fat Greek Wedding but Italian. Nonetheless it was quite endearing and special to eat somewhere that was clearly a family business run with love and devotion. As we left the restaurant we also spotted a house that looked to be made of gold with two Rolls Royce parked outside – had we in fact just walked into a Robert De Niro mafia movie?

Fun Fact: Little Italy used to be known as a Fishing community for Italian immigrants and as the Tuna capital of Western United States until 1980’s.

Monday 16th July – Day 36
Not far from the city lays Coronado Island, where an iconic red roofed hotel stands that was featured in Some Like It Hot by another iconic star, Marylin Monroe. Although Hotel Del Cornado may be on the higher end of hotel budgets, we enjoyed the hotel without having to check in. We spent the day on the public Coronado Beach and sipped some cocktails as we sunbathed on the soft, white sand.


Hotel Del Coranado

You can travel to the island via the Coronado Ferry, Water Taxi or take a drive along the bridge. This small island has five small white sandy beaches and made for a tranquil afternoon. Although the weather when we arrived was a lot more overcast than it’s San Diego counterpart, it still made for a truly unique experience. Sadly we didn’t have the budget of Ms Monroe, so we took a trip to Miguel’s Cocina for some Mexican food and more cocktails. I really enjoyed my day trip to Coronado Island and I would recommend this as a great day trip or date night idea!


For our last evening in San Diego we grabbed some small taco’s to sample and enjoyed happy hour drinks in another Mexican restaurant. However, all of our eyes were bigger than our bellies, as I turned around and noticed my brother trying to take a nap in the booth we were sat in, using his rucksack as a pillow. The sun and jet lag definitely has taken a toll on him! After waking him up for one last mojito we ordered our Uber rides home and I know that as soon as my head hit the pillow I fell straight asleep.


Coronado Beach

Tuesday 17th July – Day 37
Our weekend in San Diego came to an end far too quickly. On late Tuesday morning we said goodbye to my brother and drove back down to Los Angeles, to Manhattan Beach for the night ahead of our flight on Wednesday. We took comfort in knowing that at least we could avoid any car dramas and were in walking distance to plenty of restaurants, bars and the beach.


One of the homes in Manhattan Beach


We stopped off at our now somewhat local pub – Brew and Co for lunch and wandered around the local stores and boutiques. The town has such an old school feel to it and reminded me a lot of The Notebook. Safe, romantic and easy. Enjoying an ice cream afterwards at the Manhattan Beach Creamery, the store was so colourful and wholesome I felt like it was a scene out of Mary Poppins or Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory! Evidently my love for the town was related to movie nostalgia!


Manhattan Beach Creamery


That evening we enjoyed our very last Californian Airbnb reflecting over the last 5 weeks. If I had to sum up the state in one word it would be beautiful. Don’t believe me? Just check out my vlogs and try to count the amount of times I said that! Tanned skin with freckled noses, golden hair and no doubt a few kilos heavier, we had been lucky to see so much of the Golden State. Wonderful views, delicious wine, interesting people, sunsets and palm trees, salt air and the cool breeze of the bluest ocean I had ever seen; California had reignited an adventurous spirt in my soul. However there was one last part to our travels to complete before returning home and that was to the East Coast. New York, New York, we were ready for you!

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California Travel Diaries | Palm Springs

In a town not so far away from Los Angeles, there is a place that exudes relaxation. Looking for a couple night’s romantic getaway? Look no further…from hot springs, stylish hotels, golf courses and spas, Palm Springs is the place to rid you from all of your worries.

The Basics

When: July 2018
Where: Palm Springs
What : San Jacindo Mountains, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort, Indian Canyons, Villagefest every Thursday evening,  Moorton Botanical Garden, Palm Desert, Joshua Tree, Coachella Valley for hiking, biking and horseback riding trails or the festival in the Spring!

Thursday 12th July – Day 32

I had an ‘A-ha’ moment when we began driving through Palm Springs. Aesthetically somewhere along the line, this is how I imagined Los Angeles to look like in my head. No traffic, palm tree after palm tree with the San Jacinto Mountains complimenting this already beautiful backdrop. Palm Springs also encompasses the magic of added Hollywood star dust sprinkled throughout the streets on the homes that once belong to the likes of Sinatra, Bob Hope and even Elvis. However in 108 Degrees Farenheit, one thing was for sure, we were definitely in the desert. I was really excited for a change of scenery and although Palm Springs is known for it’s spas, our budget friendly pockets swapped this luxury for a hot tub and pool in our next Airbnb.


A snap captured on my iPhone driving in the car through Palm Springs

Our next host was an eccentric guy who proudly displayed his Christmas tree (in July), as well as a disco ball hanging from the ceiling. Chatty and welcoming, we learned that he was a chef to the stars, who kindly gave us a long list of recommendations of places to eat during out short stay. It seemed our luck had changed as soon as we left LA as it was restaurant week in Palm Springs. This is a clever incentive to persuade customers to venture outdoors into the heat, aided by some excellent deals; perfect timing for our short visit. For dinner we ate at Ac3 Restaurant and Bar where we had 3 courses for only $90 between two including wine.




Ac3 Restaurant and Bar

We were keen to also experience Villagefest, the weekly Downtown Farmer’s Market having enjoyed it so much in SLO. However after driving around for a while we were unable to find it, so settled on a quick trip to Vons for some wine and sweet treats instead.

Tip: Villagefest is located here: P: 760-320-3781 – Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA, 92262

When we got back from our meal, we were about to crack open the wine when our host tapped on the door, “Room service!”. Feeling somewhat confused for a moment, I cautiously opened the door and there he stood with home baked cookies for us, “Something to satisfy that sweet craving before bed”, he said with a smile. It seemed our host already knew us all too well and the Universe was repaying us. Although this also sounds like it could be the start to a thriller movie, it was very thoughtful and the chocolate cookies he baked for us were delicious; we could see why the guy was a chef to the stars! Although it was still humid outside, we wanted to make the most of the novelty of the hot tub on a Summer’s night, so decanted our wine into some tumblers and sipped it in the hot tub under the stars. I could have definitely got used to weekend breaks like this.

Friday 13th July – Day 33
Our host who at this point you can already tell had a quirky side, was keen to point out a similarly quirky feature – the outdoor shower. He stated that although it was a space to cool off/shower before heading into the pool and hot tub outside, we could use it as our regular shower if we wanted. Of course we still had access to the indoor bathroom, but there was something quite freeing about the option of showering outside, particularly as most of the houses in Palm Springs are bungalows, so there was the comfort knowing there would be no peering eyes. That morning I embraced mother nature before having a quick morning dip in the pool.


Cacti, Palm Springs


Palm Springs, July 2018

For brunch we visited a good old fashioned American Diner – Elmers. This was one of the second times we experienced the huge portion sizes that the States is famous for and we were so very grateful for every mouth and plateful! Although it was 42 Degrees Celsius at this point, I needed an excuse to walk off the huge amount of food we had consumed, so took a small stroll (mostly drive) to Downtown Palm Canyon Drive. This is known for it’s string of vintage boutique shops and there are some great finds particularly at “The Shops at Thirteen Forty Five”. Here I am 18 months later, still kicking myself that I didn’t buy the perfect pair of vintage Levi shorts that fitted me so well!  Later that day we went for a drive around the cool streets of Palm Springs and found some Insta-famous spots such as The Pink Door.

During our visit we also wanted to go to the Moorten Botanical Garden but to our dismay it was closed. Instead we drove to the Ace Hotel for a swim and enjoyed a couple of frozen cocktails. These weren’t half bad priced either, as we paid about 50 dollars (including tip) for 4 drinks. During this trip, I could see why Palm Springs is so appealing to escape to. With it’s laid back attitude, Palm Springs is the perfect reset for a day or two.

Later on that evening we had one of the best meals we had out of our whole Californian road trip at another Restaurant Week showcaser… Spencer’s. If you fancy something a bit more elegant with some piano music but comfortable informality this is the place to go! Spencer’s is also dog friendly, very romantic and has won many awards, such as Best Wine List, Best Chef, Best Sunday Brunch and even Best Gluten Free. This meal was an absolute steal of a deal during Restaurant Week!

80792172_464197970964278_5746459211739430912_nSunset in Palm Springs quickly taken on a drive

Saturday 14th July – Day 34
The following morning we planned to experience the Aerial Tramway, but the 44 degree heat in combination with my potential freakout from the heights, we ultimately gave it a miss. Therefore we enjoyed one last chilled swim in the pool before making the 2 hour drive to our last Californian stop… San Diego!

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