Kindness Doesn’t Cost A Thing

Last year I wrote one of my most honest posts on Opening Up About Mental Health on my blog. I really appreciated the warm reception I received from those who read it. I am not sure what I was expecting if I’m honest, but I do know that it felt good to talk about it all, and good to be heard by others. To know they went out of their way to show support, and for some to even open up about their own lives was truly heartwarming. It made me think that although none of us really know what anyone else is really going through, we do know the power of kindness.

Every now and then, some thing happens in each of our lives which pops the little bubble we put around ourselves. It can leave us with a mix of emotions but also serve as a reminder that life is precious and very short. Sadly it often takes loss to remind us of this. To shake us up and realise that in life, nothing is for certain and life doesn’t wait for anyone. Rather than letting this eat you up and swallow you whole, I implore you to remember that the world is lucky to have you, for “There is no one alive that is youer that than you” (Dr Suess).

At times we may feel moments of insignificance; what impact can I alone, have? But remember that your words have power and influence, for good and for bad. We all have those memories that sting, those words that someone to said that made your stomach drop. The way that someone treated you, judged you before knowing you or even gave you a chance.  But also, the fond memories; how you laughed so hard your stomach began to hurt or when someone saw you as strong and as a positive light, although you saw yourself otherwise. There are also those actions you made that touched others in ways you may not even be aware of. The smile you gave to the stranger on the bus, or perhaps the glow you created in someone else when you asked how they are, giving them them your total undivided attention.

I keep this “Feel the Love” card I got from a jewellery brand on my mirror. Every day it serves as a reminder to myself, to feel the love on the days I feel blue. To love myself both on the in and the outside; flaws and all.  To see past the depressing evening news and feel the love in the world. To remember that even when life throws lemons and life is lost, it is just like the night breaking into sunrise, there will always be love and light.  To remember that those feelings on your down days are temporary, but it is important to feel them out – cry, speak, share and work through it. Above all be kind to yourself. You are strong.  You are resilient.

Kindness doesn’t cost a thing, so spread it everywhere; it’s one of the few things in life that is free.


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