The California Travel Diares |San Francisco, Day 2

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Natalia Talks About where I am focusing on the first stop on my Californian road trip… San Francisco! You can read all about the basics like where I stayed, what we did for transport and what I got up to on Day 1 in SF here. For those of you who are keeping up with my travel series, continue reading for the next instalment of my SF visit.

Day 2

I always thought that Wisteria Lane was my ultimate dream neighbourhood to live in (you know minus the drama, the plane crashes, the affairs and scandals that Desperate Housewives had to offer) until I discovered Sea Cliff. This is a quiet and wonderful neighbourhood located by Baker Beach and is known for it’s houses being pretty damn big. It felt like we walking through a storybook and even better than Wisteria Lane, you can actually live there.

Just a typical house in the Sea Cliff neighbourhood

Baker Beach is the backdrop to a neighbour’s backyard

On Baker Beach you are greeted by the hazy view of the Golden Gate Bridge accompanied by the idyllic scene of many a family throwing a frisbee with their pet dogs on the beach, lovers tenderly enjoying each other’s company and recently graduated students hanging out with their buddies on just another day of the week. Being swept up in the romanticism of the moment we took off our shoes and decided to walk barefoot in the sand, walking hand in hand towards the Golden Gate Bridge. The handholding lasted all of about 30 seconds when we realised just how far the bridge was (darn perspective) and that walking barefoot isn’t as easy as it may seem in the movies… Finally after a few slips and trips, we arrived at the long awaited landmark.

The early morning grey clouds passed giving way to bright blue skies and a cool breeze, typical of a regular San Francisco day swept through the sky. If only the promise of a clear sky was the case in England all year round! This made for perfect conditions to capture photos of my boyfriend and I crossing the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately this meant windswept hair resulting in a messy bun that couldn’t quite pass for the easy and classy undone style of Meghan Markle (my go to hairstyle whilst in SF!)… Oh well, it is a small price to pay on the bridge! Oh and on that note it’s free to walk or cycle over!

After crossing the bridge we walked back along to the Presidio, passing Crissy Fields and absorbed this picture perfect part of the city. We also passed the Walt Disney family museum which looked like a lot of fun if you have a few hours to spare in the area or are travelling with kids. We decided to check out the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre; another noticeable landmark that crops up in the city. Here there is a strong European influence within the architecture which you can see in the very first photo of this post! As you walk through the gardens and admire the lagoon and the structural beauty of the theatre, you wouldn’t be a fool to think that you are in Italy. SF really is so diverse! The theatre is also located by the Marina Yacht Harbor and is surrounded by even more stunning properties. The houses in San Francisco really are a dream. You could honestly spend an afternoon just leisurely strolling around here and I’m sure that there are plenty of hidden gems in this area that I’m keen to explore one day.

We knew that we couldn’t leave San Francisco until we visited Ghiradelli Square, named after the famous Italian chocolatier Dominico Ghiradelli, whose love for chocolate has now become famous across California. The square is full of little stores and bars like The San Francisico Brewing Company that has the ultimate American vibe and of course the square holds a Ghiradelli chocolate store and café! It was only right to sample (gorge) one of these world famous desserts- if not in America then when can you?

A creation of dreams- A chocolate brownie waffle with ice cream

Next on the list was visiting Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 39. Forget what people say about it being too touristy. This is the perfect amount of touristy as you can have such a fun day out along this pier and it’s perfect for any Brit who wants to experience an American seaside town feel! There are so many shops selling wonderful things from an array of hot sauces, Bubba Gump shrimp, all kinds of candy that I never even knew existed and various bars to utilise happy hour in (check out The Pub by Ghiradelli Square and Fisherman’s Grotto by Pier 39). There is even an old school arcade called Museé Mechanique where you can play your favourite games and take old school photos in a black and white photo booth; I would highly recommend the arcade to anyone visiting San Francisco.

For dinner we tried our very first In-N-Out burger using the secret menu. We ordered our burgers and fries in an animal style, and now I understand what all the hype is about! Why oh why this chain hasn’t come to the UK I do not know. By the evening the weather dropped significantly and although I had a light jacket I had to buy myself a hoodie to keep warm. If you are planning on staying out by the ocean remember to take extra layers or have a few dollars spare to buy a standard California sweater!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Day 2 in San Francisco and subscribe to stay tuned for the next travel diary!

Natalia x

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