What’s in My Travel Bag

Hello there! It seems that every time I try to find time to write this blog post I’m half way out the door- but I didn’t want to miss out on this week’s post because of it. To catch you up on why I have been so busy this week, I tried to write on Tuesday when I had a bit of free time after hiking in Yosemite (which is amazing!!!) but found myself unexpectedly having a day of planning after an air b n b host cancelled. Later on this week, I had a day of exploring Monterey, Big Sur and thought I could write some more when I got to San Luis Obispo (SLO for all of you US guys and gals- I know how you guys like to keep it short and sweet), but before I knew it, my bags were packed again for Solvang and now here we are in Santa Barbara. Speaking of Santa Barbara, I only have the time to write as I woke up at stupid o’clock, but there’s a silver lining to everything, as I was given the gift of time to write this week’s post for Natalia Talks About!

With Summer now officially upon us, I know that most of you have been, are or will be going on your holidays or travels very soon. It is really exciting travelling around and seeing new places but it also means you have to be clever with your packing skills; you have to be a Houdini of the travel world. Depending on the type of trip you have planned the below list of items may come in handy when you’re looking to pack your hand luggage.

When I go to an airport I tend to squeeze a few more valuable things into my carry on luggage. I usually pack my hand luggage into the standard small wheely IT suitcases and I carry a small handbag. However I knew that for this trip, one big suitcase and rucksack would suit me much more for 6 weeks around California and New York, with everything else packed away into my suitcase.

1. Rucksack

I initially chose an elegant and fashionable black leather rucksack from Kurt Geiger as I envisioned myself pounding the New York pavements with the chic bag and a bagel and coffee in hand. However I soon realised a sportier rucksack would be far more beneficial on a day to day basis. So instead I bought a black Fiorelli Sports Strike backpack from House of Fraser.

2. Electricals

We all need some entertainment to get us through a long flight, whether it’s to calm your fear of flying, to block out that screaming child, or to just get yourself through a terrible flight like I had to (less than ideal!) So I make sure that I pack my earphones, my tablet with any shows downloaded from Netflix onto it, my camera (digital and Polaroid), my phone and my kindle at the ready with any chargers and adaptors stored with it for ease. I also like to keep all of my valuables on me should something happen to my suitcase (*taps on wood!*)

3. Eye mask

This has become a life saver not only for planes but in the air b n b’s I have stayed in! Definitely make sure you have an eye mask, especially if you are going on a long haul flight.

4. Hair bobble

Every girl’s second best friend to diamonds.

5. Wet wipes

No they are not just for babies, wet wipes are brilliant for day to day use, especially if you accidentally spill your inflight meal on you mid journey (I’m a bit of a klutz).

6. Liquids

In the U.K. they are very hot on having all of your liquids in a small plastic bag under 100ml. As I luckily had a suitcase to pack my shampoo etc., in my hand luggage I packed some hand lotion, a mini mouth wash and toothpaste for freshening up, lip balm, hand anti-bac and some deodorant.

7. Painkillers

Carry these on with you for similar reasons. Nurofen express painkillers are fantastic for resolving a headache quickly.

8. Extra clothes

On most flights I have been on I get cold easily, so I pack a light jumper and jacket to layer up in. I also make sure that my jewellery is in my bag for safe keeping and I tend to wear my holiday hat at the airport (yes I am that person!) but my sunglasses stay in my bag.

9. Snacks and water

Whether you bring something from home or buy a sandwich at the airport, make sure you have food and water with you. I have also only just learned that you can bring a reusable empty water bottle with you through security. You only need to dispose of your water before you go through, then on the other side fill it back up at a water fountain.

10. ID and currency

Passport, boarding pass and any visas are essential. I always pack these first or last to avoid forgetting about them. Make sure that some of your money (in the currency of the country you are travelling to) is in a separate wallet as well as some of it being stored in your main one, should one get stolen/misplaced.

That is pretty much it on my list! What else do you pack in your travel bag? I’m off now to explore more of Santa Barbara. Happy Sunday!

Outfit details

Hat– H&M £8.99

Jacket– Primark £12

Denim skirt– Topshop £40

Backpack– Fiorelli (sold out now in the size I got it but the mini is on sale for £22)

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13 thoughts on “What’s in My Travel Bag”

  1. I can’t go anywhere without wipes so I agree! They’re so beneficial. Also, painkillers is definitely a must-have. My friends call me the walking pharmacist because of all of the painkillers and allergy medications I have on me. Also, I was curious, what’s a hair bobble?


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