The Power of the Jade Roller

It is always a good time to give your skin some tender, love and care. But if you’ve been somewhat slacking on your skincare routine, now is a really good reason to start making some changes, as we are approaching Summer. If there is one thing that I’m paying particular attention to is keeping my skin hydrated and to try to get that glow we all want. If you’ve read my skincare routine and my skin story you will know I’m quite cautious on what I use on my skin, which can be a challenge when trying new products. However it’s not just the products we use on our faces that matter, it’s the tools and the way we treat our skin too. Sadly having a monthly 24 carot gold facial is out of my budget, so instead, I recently invested in something a little bit more finance friendly… a jade roller!

Jade is said to be good for keeping stress and anxiety away, so if you’re one to purchase crystals and are all about energy, this is a lovely and inexpensive addition to your skincare routine. Looking like a perfectly instagrammable paintbrush (but for your face), rolling this little green gem on your face is meant to be good for boosting blood flow circulation, reducing swelling under your eyes and relieving tension. It is also known for plumping and firming your skin. Are you convinced yet? I was!

Although I am still in my early 20’s, I’ve always paid particular attention to my skin, from matters of teenage acne to dark circles, I take my skin woes seriously! My mother and grandmother (who have quite good and youthful skin themselves) have also always reminded me to moisturise and use eye cream from a young age. So skincare has always been a focus of mine, therefore naturally trying this tool appealed to me! Plus if the ancient Chinese swear by it, the jade roller must have some value to it.

Most jade rollers, including the one that I purchased, have two jade stones on it. One larger one for your face and on the other end of the handle there is a smaller stone to concentrate on gentle areas like around your eyes. Once you have applied your serums and oils on your face, start rolling the jade from the bottom of your jaw, in upward movements. Repeat until your whole face has been rolled!

So what do I think? Truthfully, you don’t notice a dramatic difference straight away. So if you want an immediate difference maybe Botox is your friend instead! However, after using this tool every day for the last week my skin does feel smoother. What’s more I have noticed that my dark circles – which are to do with the thin skin under my eyes rather than lack of sleep or eye-cream, have improved. I really like that the jade roller is very cooling on your skin*, it is easy to pack away and evidently so simple to use. I definitely think it will be a great addition for any Summer routine. *You can also store the jade roller in the fridge for it to be even cooler and soothing on your skin.

This may not be a magic wand, but slowly I’m seeing a slight difference. The thing that I like most of all about the jade roller, is how calm I feel after using it. It also injects an inexpensive daily luxury into my routine. I now have welcomed this little tool into my make-up bag and will be sure to do an update on my skin throughout the Summer.

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