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It’s a new month and after a long weekend break I’m trying to get refocused back on my goals (without sounding too cliche). It can be hard to feel motivated when it’s grey outside, you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with work, you battle the same problems daily or life just simply is giving you lemons. When I’m feeling a dip in my motivation or am caught in a funk, there are a few things I do to get back on track and inspired. These won’t change your life, but if practised regularly, your mood will be lifted I promise (or who knows maybe they will change your life!)

Music is a large part of my day, not a day goes by where I won’t be listening to some music. Whether it’s on the radio, on YouTube or putting in one of my favourite CD’s in the car; I find listening to some music relaxes, invigorates and inspires me. Whether it’s the instrumental, the lyrics or the artist’s very own passion for their music, it makes me think and re-evaluate the things stressing me out, gain some perspective and get re-inspired to go after my goals. Alternatively on occasion if I decide to woe in my self-pity I listen to some depressing songs and am reminded that it’s not just me who has down moments or frustration; somehow this makes my world feel a little bit better. After the world’s smallest violin has been played, I try to listen to something upbeat and being the musical lover I am, The Greatest Showman soundtrack is currently one album that I have on repeat. I also listen to this because it has me feeling like I’m prepared to take on the world and achieve what I set out to do that day.

If you read my blog post why I started blogging, you will know that one of my life aspirations is to be a presenter or tv host. A career in media where I am meeting and talking to new people and have a working career like Oprah is just one dream of mine! Of course then, it may not be a surprise to you that I love and am inspired by watching interviews. I used to love acting so of course “In the Actors Studios with…” is a huge drive for me. You don’t always need a huge motivational speech to set you back on track. Hearing from an actor that you admire about their journey can be really gratifying and can remind us that we are all people, and life can offer us the opportunities we dream about. It can also shed light on the fluffy pretty clouds that Hollywood is made out to be and remind us that everyone is like us and has to work for what they want, unless you’re living the high life of a millionaires heiress that is then you can just be fabulous all day long. As well as this, tapping into something that you aspire to achieve one day can really get you inspired. You want to be an athlete? Watching the Olympics will get you feeling pumped. You want to be a make-up artist? Watch and learn from Pixiwoo on YouTube and I guarantee you will be feeling like you too want to aim high and work hard for it.

Another sure way that gets me inspired is exercising. Don’t roll your eyes just yet!Exercise isn’t purely about burning some calories, if it is you certainly won’t be enjoying it. There are so many different types of sport or activities out there that can lift your mood and many benefits to be reaped from it. Making friends, improving strength and flexibility, discovering a talent you never knew you had and of course the mental relief and therapy that a sweaty workout session can give you are just some benefits. Whether you choose to do it socially or to blow off some steam after a long day, every single time after exercising I guarantee you that you will be feeling a lot better afterwards. It’s so worthwhile to find a type of exercise that you enjoy, for both your mental and physical health.

Now let me share a little secret with you, which is quite embarrassing but seems to work for me… When I decide to do a workout I listen to music by artists who “inspire” me to workout in the first place, let alone what I’m procrastinating to do, i.e. I want J-Lo’s body so I’m gonna listen to her over and over again, to remind me that a body like hers doesn’t come from giving up on the side plank. As silly as it sounds, it seems to work for me and if you can watch a music video of hers whilst exercising it can go a long way too! Is that embarrassing or weird? Oh well, I’m still gonna get those squats done with a bit of help from Jenny from the block.

One last thing that is a sure inspiration for me is social media. Despite the discussion surrounding only the negative impact of social media, I like to use it to follow the success and ambition of others. Many successful YouTubers and bloggers want to help their fans and share tips with aspiring entrepreneurs. One blogger who inspires me is Marianna Hewitt who set up her blog with me page, to share tips and create a community for bloggers across the world to meet. What’s more is that Marianna is truthful about her journey. There is so much falseness in social media you wouldn’t be a fool to think that some people become an overnight success. Instead Marianna’s honesty makes it feel attainable to reach your goals and that it is possible. In a world where there is a lot of fake news, humility, honesty and hard work go a long way- especially when people do it just to help others achieve their own goals!

This is a really positive way of using social media and is one of the reasons I use it so regularly. Make sure you follow accounts that make you feel positive and inspired, because contrary to belief social media is not all about talking about yourself and showing off. You can discover blogs that tap into something you really are interested in (maybe one that talks about hair, beauty and real life thoughts of a 20 something old, like this one!) or it could be anything else; vegan cooking, travel, cat lovers etc! Social media really does have the power and ability to allow you to discover new inspirations every single day. One last thought for getting inspired is a simple one, from Smart Twenties who shares motivational quotes for personal growth; who you can follow on Instagram here.

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