1 Year Of Blogging

The blogging community has grown tremendously over the last few years. There is always something going on; you may have seen across social media some attention towards bloggers whose work has been copied, plagiarised, and discussion surrounding that those whose full time job is to blog, fear that their posts and work are being overlooked due to the new instagram algorithm. One things in 2018 we can all appreciate is the importance of social media and the big influence it has in both our personal and professional lives. There is the fear that the blogging world has become oversaturated, and people base quality solely on statistics and followers. That many feel originality is disappearing and each post is more ‘plandid’ than candid. However this is just one aspect to blogging. The root as to why one blogs begins with an idea, some self belief and some hard work. Potentially one day you may be lucky enough (and worked hard enough) to be related to and believed in by some of the biggest brands in the industry. However I’ve heard it said time and time again that if you only want to blog to get famous or to make money, you will not get far. This is definitely true because as recent events have shown, fraudsters will get found out.

This last year I’ve been reading blogs with both small and big followings and the one thing that keeps me reading their posts, is their passion and honesty. Whether it’s an outfit post, a product review, an exciting trip around the world or open conversations about the bigger topics in life, there is a genuine voice behind it helping us to relate and connect to people all across the world. Reading these posts and seeing beautiful, well thought out photos has consistently inspired me to write and to share what I want to talk about.

I officially started my blogging journey on 18th February 2017 and published my first blog post on 28th February. This first year of “Natalia Talks About” has gone by so quick! Although I had a 6 month gap between publishing my first and second post (as I was finding my courage to share it, trying to decide what voice in this blog was going to be and lastly actually dedicate my time and put my ideas into action!) Despite this long gap, I didn’t give up! I came back to this blog and it’s amazing how much of an impact it has had on my outlook, behaviour and perspective this last year.

A little throwback to late last year when I started to share my blog and went to a hipster café… yes I still feel this happy! Just sadly not as tanned!

I shared my blog for the first time in September 2017 with feelings of anxiety and excitement, accompanied by sweaty palms and and a knot in my stomach! I then wrote posts few and far between. It wasn’t until December 2017 I had a realisation that we have to go after what we enjoy and what we want because life is short (dramatic but true). So in January 2018 I decided to put my all in, despite any disruptions. No excuses- I blogged daily. I had so much content that I wanted to write and just needed to get some momentum with my blog. I really enjoyed it and I wrote a post all about it in fact! This last month I decided that although I really enjoyed writing daily, I didn’t want to churn out piece after piece, being constricted on time and ultimately quality. I wanted to be proud of every post I wrote. Especially when the only pressure I had was one I put on myself. As a result this last month, I continued to find my groove and committed to blog at least 3 times a week.

So what have I learned one year on since starting my blog?

A sense of purpose.

More Creativity.

A community.



A clear head.

Flow in my writing.

A sense of growth.

Understanding more who I am at this stage in my life.

Growing more into who I want to be.

Believing that I have potential and I can create the life I want for myself.

All this from one little space on the internet.

It’s the thing I do when I come back from my “day job”, one of the first and last thoughts of the day, something that I continue to do even though some days no one may read my blog, it’s something that fulfils me despite there being no financial reward. It is truly one of my favourite hobbies.

This blog is something I want to look back on in the future, where I can review how/if this space has grown. I can see if I have continued to give my time to it and if not I can remind myself with all the reasons I started this blog and all the wonderful things I’ve gained from it so far. Naturally I do still get pangs of uncertainty and worrying what others think about me, my blog, whether it’s good enough etc., but the fear of what others think is a small and tiny detail. I’ve mentioned this a few times on my blog because I feel that it’s something we all need to remember (plus if there’s anything I should listen to, it’s my own advice!)

So with this post I celebrate one year of “Natalia Talks About”. I say celebrate because that’s what I will be doing this weekend. I feel level headed, enthusiastic and almost as if there is an extra light within me because of this blog, so I will most definitely be celebrating! It will also be a double celebration as it’s my boyfriend’s birthday; hopefully we will be able to make it out of the house though with this ice and snow forecasted!

Celebrate the things that make you happy and your achievements, no matter how big or small they may be, after all life is short- go live it.

7 thoughts on “1 Year Of Blogging”

  1. We share the same anniversary except for me one year later. All of what you said, ME TOO! I feel exhilarated each time I post. Thanks for sharing and I’ll be following.


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