Nip + Fab Skincare Review

I always love trying out new skincare products but I’m quite picky on what I use (I swear that’s not a contradiction!) Over the last couple months I was wearing my “Clinique Moisture Surge” moisturiser and as lightweight and skin friendly as the brand is, I still sadly had a few minor spots appear. How? I’m not too sure, obviously something in this product reacted badly to my skin. Sorry Clinique, as much as I love you, this product is not the one for me…it’s not you, it’s me ❤

I wrote about Maria Hatzistefanis’ new book last week and so to continue with the theme, I have tried out a couple of her products from the critically acclaimed Nip and Fab Skincare line!


If you read my review on some of Nip and Fab’s make-up, I mentioned that their skincare line targets different areas. One of the ranges I tried was the Bee Sting Fix line. Products you can get in this collection includes an eye cream, a face mask, toning pads and a face cream. The Bee Sting Fix range is predominately for first signs of ageing; I may be 23 but you can’t be too young to start preserving your youthfulness! I have been using the Bee Sting Fix cream as my daily moisturiser (which can be used at night too) and it is one of the brand’s bestsellers; the sales speaks for themselves.

I also tried a product from the Viper Venom Fix range, which is for smoothing and refining. The line includes the following products: a primer- the ‘Viper Venom micro blur and fix’, a night fix cream, a frown fix and the anti-ageing eye gel. I bought the anti-ageing eye gel which I apply daily after the moisturiser.


With names so catchy and unforgettable as “Bee Sting Fix ” and “Viper Venom” I was already entranced to try the products even just for their fun names. When it comes to the packaging for the moisturiser, it is appropriately yellow for it’s bee theme. However the plastic material gives it a slightly cheap feel. However, it is eye-catching, simple and ultimately effective. For the Viper Venom eye gel I really can’t complain. It’s so much easier to apply on the go than a pot of cream. It’s a smooth, slender tube with a ball on top to roll on the gel. The benefit of a tube rather than a pot of eye cream is that it gives you the luxury to top up and hydrate your under eyes throughout the day easily for a pick me up, or even on the plane to make you feel a bit more alive and beat jet lag. I definitely see myself carrying this in my handbag.


In comparison to my goodie and oldie Nivea moisturiser it was a bit pricey, but when I compare it to some other moisturisers on the market for the size of this pot, it really isn’t too bad. At £20.95, it’s a steal I suppose. The Viper Venom Fix eye gel comes up to £15.95. Again for the size of this eye gel, it’s a really competitive price.


So what do I think? Does it do what it says on the tin? With the moisturiser I feel like I have to put on a bit more than I would normally to fully cover my face. However as soon as you apply it, your can feel the ‘Bee Sting Fix’ effect. It made my skin feel firmer and look smoother. Throughout the day my skin was fully hydrated. If you follow my blog you will know that I have quite sensitive skin, so I was a bit cautious trying a new skincare range as well a new cream. However so far I have been so happy with this Nip & Fab moisturiser and my skin has actually cleared up. What’s more, I haven’t noticed any dryness whatsoever! One gold star for this product!

If you hadn’t guessed it, I really recommend the Viper Venom eye gel, it’s so light but like the Bee Sting Fix cream, you can feel the ‘snake venom’ awaken and hydrate your under eyes instantly.

Final Verdict

My final thoughts is that the Nip And Fab fan club continues. I’m looking forward to trying more from the brand and will be buying these products again!

What range and products shall I try next from Nip & Fab?


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