Hair Update! Getting That Ash Blonde

I’ve had two days off from work and it’s been heavenly. I slept in until 9am on Thursday, it was a dream come true for a weekday where I’m usually up by 6:30am! I popped into town and have seen some family, I also managed to write a blog post and start the wardrobe clear out. On Friday these calm and rested feels continued. In the morning, the woman of leisure I am (well the last two days anyway) I paid a visit to the beautiful Abstract Hairdressers in Beaconsfield to freshen up my look.

I like to go between having quite blonde highlights to letting my roots grow out and have a more natural, balayage style to it. Recently I’ve gone for having my hair blonder around the face, my natural darker roots and I’m finally getting the ashy tones I’ve been looking for! Here are some shots of my hair before and after today’s trip.

Early December 2017

I last got my hair dyed in December and I was still quite blonde but with warmer tones. Unfortunately with the warmness, I still had a tinge of some yellow brassyness leftover, but nowhere near as much as before.

Mid December 2017

Then I got my hair dyed and toned. I really liked this colour, a lot less orange tones and more creamy/ lighter shades! I also had a fresh cut which is always nice.

Early January 2018

My colour kept mostly and I feel that having blonder shades around my face, brings out my eyes more and complements my paler skin in this cold weather we’ve been having in the U.K!

Early February 2018

As you can see here only two months since getting my hair died, my colour built up quicker than I liked, resulting in a more golden tone. Although I still liked how blonde I was, I personally prefer ashier shades to my hair.

Mid February 2018

So Friday that’s what I did! Here’s my hair in a few different lightings- it looks a lot darker indoors so I made sure to include some daylight photos for real-time colour! I love the ashiness to it- it’s the base I really wanted and gives me the option to go lighter with it if I want to, which I most likely will as we get closer to Spring.

This is a quick snap I got in the car. Look at those shades! ❤

A quick before…

After when I got back home…

I really like how cooler/lighter my ends are and the balayage is blended so well!

Let’s see how long this colour holds, it is definitely more natural with some blonde and caramel tones really being activated when it hits the light. What do you think? Any shades of blonde you think I should try?

Happy Weekend All!


4 responses to “Hair Update! Getting That Ash Blonde”

  1. Loveee the new blonde! You look gorgeous !


    1. Oh thank you so much! That’s so sweet of you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think an ashy champagne blonde would look lovely on you! Also if you’re worried about the brassy tones coming back, you should try a purple shampoo and conditioner. I personally loved using Clairol Shimmer Lights as it really did the trick to get rid of all the brass!


    1. Oo thanks great idea! Yeah I’ve used purple shampoos in the past but trying to find a good one! Thanks so much 😊


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