No Heat Hair Do’s

It’s amazing how a small change to your hair can make you feel different. Good- different. No wonder so many people cut or dye their hair when they want to feel empowered, get over a break-up, celebrate overcoming a challenge, you name it. I suppose it’s an identity thing and our hair has a major part to play in expressing our identity, so every now and then we feel the urge to change it up. Change doesn’t always have to be bad! Not to fear though, I am not telling you to get a drastic cut or dye your hair red suddenly, you really don’t have to. If you fancy a change or to try something new you can have a look at some styles I have been loving. I have always enjoyed finding new ways to style my hair and it’s even better when you can change your hair easily, for free and without any damage! That’s right, no damage. I can hear the cogs in your brain turning as to how?! Here is my list of different ways to update your style instantly.

Plaited Ponytail

Take inspiration from supermodel, Gigi Hadid with this super easy updo. High pony then simply plait. Easy as pie.

Effortless Ponytail

Take a strand of hair from your ponytail, wrap it over your elastic band and secure with bobby pins. Simple as A, B, C.


Made famous once again by the relatable Meghan Markle. This bun has replaced the top-knot, giving a chic and more undone twist on the ballerina bun. Leave some strands of hair at the front of your face loose to recreate Meghan’s look.


Upgrade your regular plait with a fishtail plait. Begin by splitting your hair into 2 rather than 3 parts. Simply take a thin strand from one side and cross it over to the opposite outside strand, pulling it taut, repeat this onto the other side crossing it under this time. Repeat all the way down the plait. Secure any loose ends with a bobby pin like I have. Don’t worry about it being perfectly plaited either!

Accessorise It

Pony tail with bows is a big trend this season. If on a budget or want a more homey feel to it. create your own bows with a ribbon and experiment with high and low ponytails. You can also change the ribbon for a silk headscarf for some Summery vibes.

Tuck It In

Trying to keep that blow dry in tact or maybe you’re having a bad hair day? Who knows! Take a leaf out of Olivia Palermo’s book and tuck the ends into your turtle neck or sweater. You can also pretend to have short hair for the day, or if all else fails- it’s a great lazy hair do!


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