My 10 Favourite Things About Spring

It’s nearly Spring, it’s so close I can taste it! I’ve touched upon fashion and beauty trends coming our way this season, but I haven’t spoken about all the other great things about Spring. These are mostly based upon how Spring is here in the U.K. but I’m sure many of you will relate to some of these items.

My 10 favourite things about Spring include:

1. Lighter, brighter and longer days. To leave for work when it’s light and come home when it’s light too, is a huge perk! I feel so much more motivated, productive and happier.

2. Blossom trees. It may not be as beautiful scenery as Japan, but trees filled with blossom is something quite wonderful.

3. More flowers! Daffodils, daisies, snowdrops, tulips you name it. These little flowers make a huge difference to my day. I’m quite a big fan of florals in general, I have a ton of floral designs in my wardrobe, 2 sets of fake flowers in my room and 2 fake plants. It calms me, what can I say! Maybe I will treat myself to some real ones this Spring for my room.

4. Warming up! Although it’s been known to randomly snow during Spring in the U.K. we do get more days of sunshine which means I can actually start running outside again…(who am I kidding, it’s good to be optimistic and at least have the option to if I want to!)

5. Spring cleaning isn’t just a random term. It’s a great reason to de clutter, regift unwanted Christmas presents, clean out your junk letters and actually hoover under the bed. Once you start cleaning, you sort of get addicted and find that you’re cleaning the windows too. Although I definitely clean my room more than once a year, this is definitely more of a power clean and tidy up.

6. Goodbye to hibernation! Everyone gets a bit more energy back and weekends become a bit more adventurous. Last spring time I visited Little Venice, a part of London that I hadn’t come across until then. It’s great being a tourist sometimes in your own country. Here’s to more exploring!

7. Walking out the door with less layers. Although I love winter fashion, there is something quite satisfying about just throwing on your Trench coat, or a light jacket instead! So I guess Spring Fashion is what I really love here (sorry it seems I had to get one in there!)

8. The birds chirping at at sunrise and sunset. This one just makes me laugh and everyday I have the same thought as dusk hits, “Oh the birds think it’s morning time and they are tweeting away, how sweet!” Do they? I’m not actually sure but I like to think that they do!

9. Bank holidays! Now that I’m working I’m fully looking forward to enjoying a good public holiday. It’s something you don’t get to enjoy as a student with exams always on the horizon. A whole day off work and I get paid? Wahey! 4 Public holidays in Spring is a true luxury here in the U.K. (Although it mostly always rains).

10. Lastly one of my favourite things about Spring is that it’s a season that doesreallywell here in England.Winter and Summer aren’t too reliable, you can be wearing a t-shirt one minute and a jumper the next in July! We are outside more and for once I think us Brits aren’t complaining so much! We are too busy fussing over the little lambs, chicks and preparing for Easter to complain.

As Spring comes nearer, I’m looking forward to the pastel palette of colours, the fresh fruit and the longer days most of all. Spring, I’m ready for you!


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