Beauty Lessons: Olivia Palermo

Earlier this week I wrote a post on one of my favourite fashionistas, Olivia Palermo. However no look is complete without a touch of hair and beauty so to complete the set, here are my best beauty lessons I have learned from Olivia to achieve her flawless look. First of all, if you don’t know about Olivia Palermo, you need to! Olivia has a classic beauty to her. She’s not one to try wacky make-up, have bright blue hair and you certainly wouldn’t catch her with the feather eyebrow trend. Some of you may be into that kind of thing, and some of you, like me, may not. However that doesn’t mean that Olivia doesn’t like to add a bit of edge and coolness to her look. She simply does this in a subtle and in a clever way.



Looking like the most polished version of herself is the best way to describe Olivia’s look and glowy skin is something that Olivia does well. According to her make-up artist Daniel Martin, some of the products that she uses to achieve this include Tatcha’s Deep Hydration Revitalising Eye Mask and Diorskin Forever Foundation by Dior as well as a touch of powder to set the skin, not distracting away from the glow! Another good tip from her make-up artist is to apply eye make-up first so that you can easily correct any fall out. Olivia ends to sport a natural eye make-up look, which you can achieve with lengthening mascara or you can apply some false eyelashes if you’re handy with them! Add a bit of rosy pink blush, pink creamy lipstick and you’re good to go.

Red carpet

If you’re lucky enough to be going to a showy event or looking for a bit more of a dramatic look, Olivia adds a brighter lipstick to her everyday base. You can also add a touch of purple or brown eyeshadow to add some drama to your eyes. If you do go for a darker eyeshadow, opt for a nude brown lipstick. Make sure that the make-up isn’t too heavy though, so that you still look like you.


Ah wedding make-up! The day every woman wants to feel and look like a Goddess. Olivia went for a natural glam look for her big day, and for red carpet evens you will see her with glossy bright pink or red lips. Similarly to a red carpet event, Olivia had her make-up dolled up to the 9’s, with a touch of a smokey eye. She also had her lengthening false lashes and a hint of bronzing across the cheekbones, chin and forehead (think of the magic number 3, as you apply the bronzer to your face to target these areas).



Olivia has been both blonde and brunette, pulling them both of perfectly (how lucky is she!) She is currently brunette and keeps her hair looking glossy, natural looking and healthy. When she was blonde, she had a sun-kissed look avoiding that over processed barbie blonde look.


Her hair is always immaculately presented and she has a blunt cut making it look healthy and thick. Whether she has lighter or darker hair, her hair is always complimented by her signature middle parting. Unfortunately I personally do not suit a middle parting, but a lesson that I can take away is Olivia’s loose curls, which has an effortless wave to it. Think low maintenance and chic. Olivia styles her curls to start mid way through her hair. This gives it an undone look, without looking too polished.

This is how I would wear the Olivia inspired look with a focus on long eyelashes and a natural glowy look (maybe a bit more volume and less rushed curls though…!)

Olivia’s hair is never lifeless, but full with volume and bounce. It may be worth adding an extra 20 minutes in your morning routine to get that immaculate and glossy finish, if you want to achieve this too! (Also investing in a good hair conditioner is probably worth it).

Iconic looks

As mentioned above, one of her iconic hairstyles includes a light curl. Think beachy waves. When wearing her hair straight she styles her hair with smooth locks with the ends flick out. Olivia has also given popularity to the fishtail plait.

If you want to know more about Olivia’s style, check out my post I wrote about everything I’ve learned about Olivia’s style!


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