How To Get Ready Faster (& Smarter!)

It’s 19:30 Saturday night and you’re meant to be meeting meeting your friends at 20:00 but you are still sitting in your towel on your bed, contemplating life. Maybe you’re the kind of person who has to set 5 alarms in the morning to wake up on time, but you consistently end up running late for work. Sound familiar?

I am not a fan of lateness, it’s one of my pet peeves! So if someone makes me late, it really bothers me. This is also probably why I have a freak out when I’m doing my make-up, and suddenly there is eyeliner on my forehead, lipstick smudged so that I look like the joker and I have to start doing my make-up all over again. (Also because then it’s my fault that I’m late.) So to combat this I’ve made a list of how to get help get ready faster!

1. Plan your outfit the night before whether it’s for going to work or a night out. Get all the extra stuff you need too, like your wallet, phone charger, money for the taxi, jewellery, make-up bag etc!

I’m making sure I have this beautiful Nip+Fab Travel Palette in 01 Light/Medium out, so I’m not frantically searching for it before I’m meant to be out of the door!

2. Put your alarm clock on the other side of your room so you have to actually get up to switch it off. This will make you more awake as you have to actively get out of bed.

3. Make and pack a lunch the night before. Also good for saving money!

4. Use an in-shower moisturiser!

5. Don’t start scrolling through Facebook (two minutes will turn into twenty, turning into looking at memes on the internet)

6. Get ready earlier for a night out! Even for you guys don’t leave getting changed to 10 minutes before you have to go. Get ready first then go have pre drinks, or then go socialise with your friends who are over. It’s very easy to lose track of time with your friends and be late. Just get ready at least an hour and a half before you have to go, so you can relax afterwards and maybe have a drink or two and listen to some music!

7. Check your route and make sure that you know where parking is, any delays that could occur (I.e. Public transport or road closures)

8. Maybe you are ready to go then your boyfriend or girlfriend says they have forgotten their phone as you’re half way there. Take the initiative to pack their things and let them know you have it, (obviously).

9. If you’re going out straight from work, cut down the time you need to get ready by having a base ready, e.g. Have your make up done so that you only need to touch up, or add some eyeliner. Have you hair done in the morning so again you only need to give it a refresh. A touch of dry shampoo is great for this to also add volume and life back into your hair!

10. If you have any notoriously late friends, tell them to arrive at yours at least 30 mins to an hour before you’re planning to go. Hopefully they should end up on time!

Let me know if any of these tips made your getting ready routine any smoother or helped you get ready any quicker! Please share any tips you have too; we all could do with a bit less stress in our lives!

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