Fashion Lessons: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo rose to fame after appearing on ‘In The City’ a reality TV show spin-off from ‘The Hills’, based on some gorgeous young people living and working in New York. Fast forward a few years and Olivia still had the world at her feet. She has been recognised for her works in the Maasai Project for Pikolinos, supporting the wellbeing of the Maasai tribe in Kenya. She also has a very successful blog, and has recently opened Vianel a luxury brand offering leather phone cases, lighters and hats to name a few items in the collection. Olivia has also made waves in the fashion industry, most recently collaborating with Pretty Ballerinas, creating a gorgeous pump collection.

I am in awe of Olivia, she is someone I look up to as a blogger, is a great role model for all aspiring businesswomen and when it comes to her style, there are so many lessons we can learn from Olivia Palermo. There’s a reason she sits in the front row of major fashion shows you know. Just take a look at her Instagram, which I will be referring to* for examples in my guide on an everything you need to on injecting some of her enviable style into your look.


Did you see Olivia in Paris this week? She was dressed in a red Dior power suit and partnered it with a choker. I have never been too convinced by a simple black choker, until now. Somehow she still made it look chic but so relevant to current trends.This is great inspiration to show how you can combine the two styles, whilst not sacrificing on that classic & timeless look.

Sunglasses. I would say this is one of Olivia’s signature style pieces and always completes her outfit. Start packing yours in your bag for an instant fashion update.

Belts to clinch in the waist. This can make your whole outfit and Olivia shows us how a belt can really pull your whole outfit with together.

Bold clutch bag. Grab a statement clutch and don’t worry about it clashing with your outfit! Olivia doesn’t.

When it comes to a minimalist outfit, add matching accessories for a simple and thought out look.


This is next lesson is a biggie and probably the best secret of them all. You do not have to spend a huge fortune to get a taste of her style in your wardrobe! Olivia loves Zara! Yes, yes, yes! This totally makes sense that of course Olivia shops at Zara. When it comes to her style she is either sophisticated + lady like or chic with an edge. Zara is the epitome of cool, classic and daring styles. One way that you can recreate Olivia’s Chanel vibes with a great dupe is by purchasing a tweed jacket or a blazer (from Zara!) and pair it with some denim jeans.

More fashion lessons I have learned from Olivia include:

Match white tones together in your outfit, then add a pop of colour with a statement coat.

Get suited up and pair it with a cami. This will give an elegant, stylish and sexy look.

Invest in a cool white shirt. This is a must have!

Monochrome style is a go to look. Combine an ankle length turtle neck white dress with a black maxi coat, black ankle boots and black tinted sunglasses.

Mix textures like a floral print dress over leather leggings. Olivia mixes textures and prints well, whilst considering colour palettes.

Double denim can be cool. Team your denim shirt and skinnies with heels for a smart/casual vibe.

When it comes to red carpet looks, Olivia always has a show stopping look for the right reasons! She looks like a Goddess and shows that you do not always have to show off lots of flesh to be the belle of the ball. Follow her tips on accessorising with a bold clutch or mix and matching elements of embellishment in your outfit.

If your dress is busy or textured, tie your hair up and show off your face. When it’s more simple, opt for lots of volume in your hair but remember not a piece should be out of place! Not that I will be attending a red carpet but these are great tips if you have any special events like a Wedding or a fancy, shmancy birthday party coming up!


Olivia is not afraid to dress down outfits with brogues or trainers but stays true to then dress them up with her go-to pieces; statement black sunglasses and smooth, glossy hair tied back elegantly.

Have a pair of statement heels to brighten up simple outfits. These can be colour-blocked heels, have tassels on, beading, you name it!

Don’t put away those over the knee boots just yet! Olivia keeps these boots practical by wearing them with both short dresses and long maxi dresses & skirts. This is a perfect bit of inspiration especially in this British weather, where you can wear your OTK boots all throughout late Autumn to Spring!

Ballet flats! Thank you Olivia for showing us you they can be fashionable and comfortable! The trick is finding the right pair. Olivia is a fan of Topshop flats so it’s worth having a look on the high street!

Lastly is everyone’s favourite, a pair of black heeled ankle booties. These are so versatile and for an easy day to night look, can be styled with smart dresses combined with a leather jacket (This is very Olivia!)

Overall if you’re going to take anything away from Olivia Palermo, it is that not only does she have a strong work ethic but she is a major fashion icon.

Now where my sunglasses at…?

*Photos reposted from Olivia Palermo’s Instagram.


2 responses to “Fashion Lessons: Olivia Palermo”

  1. Totally agree. She is timeless❤


  2. Olivia Palmero high key is my style icon, I love her classy, classic, and sophisticated looks yet keeping them all on trend somehow. Most girls I know, who granted aren’t as into style as a pass time like me, don’t know who she is. I look at her as a modern day Audrey Hepburn of style and I just can’t get enough of her outfits. But, I thought I was the only one who felt this way! Loved this read 💕

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