Nail Varnish Colours To Be Wearing This Spring

I love spending time at home on pampering myself and if like me, you like to plan your look for the weekend from your shoes to your nail colour, this post is for you! I recently posted about beauty and fashion trends so it’s only right that I now review which nail colours are in fashion, as we transition into Spring. This means that those of you who like to play by the rules and only wear your darker colours in the Winter, you can still be wearing those burgundy hues for a tiny bit longer!

I don’t know about you, but if I go to the salon to get my nails manicured and have shellac done, I am tortured by what colour to choose! There are just so many different tones and they all so similar and pretty. It’s especially difficult during this grey Winter, where February (and Valentine’s Day!) are just around the corner and the crimson reds and hot pinks will soon be making an appearance, without an appropriate send off to the Wintery shades! So today I am going to spare you from the salon-nail varnish-torment and keep it simple with my top nail shades to be wearing now.

1. Black

No longer is this colour associated purely with being a goth or an emo. It’s become classy, chic and even quite a sexy nail varnish. My choice for black nail varnish goes to, Rimmel’s Rita’s black .

(You will definitely get your Goodbye to Winter too with all of these shades in Rimmel’s latest collection below)

2. Pale Blue

This is such a serene tone and quite a daring shade at the same time, if you’re not used to dipping into the blue palette. Welcome in Spring with Barry M’s Laguna, Go on give it a go!

3. White

White nails don’t only look good with a tan. White is a perfect shade to wear as you do not have to worry about matching your nails to your outfit! Try Sure Thing by Revlon.

4. Nude

Do not view a nude nail varnish ‘as playing it safe!’ This is such a classic and timeless look, absolutely ideal for this time year. It will also give the appearance of longer elegant fingers, now what’s more ladylike than that? I’m loving this shade in Urban Jungle by Essie.

5. Pale Pink/ Candy Pop colours

I had to get a bit of pink in there somewhere. My choice is Ballet Slippers by Essie. I am going for a more understated and girly pink. It’s just enough to make you feel put together and can be worn all throughout Spring!

Hopefully you’re feeling more Spring-like as you brighten up your look with some new nail varnish shades! Which nail varnish colours and brands are your favourite to be wearing this season?


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