We Are All Topshop Girls At Heart

Topshop has the reputation as the cool girls high street retailer, with names as big as Cara Delevinge, Kylie and Kendall and Beyoncé working with the brand. There was something so appealing about seeing these ‘It’ girls on the posters growing up, associated with a brand that was relatively affordable (but still on the higher end of high street in some ways!) I remember from as young as 13 years old, how cool you were perceived if you took your Topshop carrier bag into school, that of course you would be carrying your sports kit in. There was a novelty in buying the 3 pairs of knickers for £12, or 3 pairs of socks for £8 that only a young teenage girl would understand. Topshop was bridging the transition from feeling like a young girl, to a young teenage girl. You could express your new found style by quirky jokes and patterns, ones that were represented by the coolest high street brand. What’s more is that appealed (and still does) to women in their 20’s also!

This is still very much the case! How cute is this tee?!

These purchases slowly transformed into buying something from the Freedom Jewellery range. This range still is very affordable and is always bang on trend! The jewellery you can often buy in multipacks, with at least 3 pairs of earrings included in some packs, stacks of rings in another, you name it! They are always bringing out new pieces to keep you up to date with the latest and coolest trends.

This is a current selection of some of Topshop’s Freedom Range. I told you statement earrings were a fashion statement this season! Topshop definitely ooze cool girl vibes.

As I got older, it was all about owning a Topshop handbag. You knew you made it and all you friends would be jealous when your new school bag was from Topshop. This was always accompanied by purchasing a classic pair of black ballerina pumps for school (I wore these so much that I only associate black pumps as school shoes!) I remember how at the age of 18 years old my mum bought me a black leather jacket with a faux fur collar and a pair of khaki trousers (it was so 2012) as part of my birthday present. It made me feel adult and stylish as I kept up with the trends. I would wear this outfit as much as I could!

As I entered university the Topshop thrills only continued as now there would be student shopping nights and 10% student discount for the next three years!!! (Can you hear the excited squeals?!) Sadly since graduating this is no longer the case but Topshop remains a firm favourite, and now ten years on since I became a Topshop lover it’s still ticking off all the style points.

This season Topshop are still nailing it! Just check out this black suede aviator jacket, now on sale for £49! This will not only keep you warm but it is such a versatile piece that it will be sure to make any outfit.

However despite my long lasting love for Topshop, during my teenage years part of me did not feel ‘cool’ enough to think of myself as a Topshop Gal. Let me explain. Although I loved certain items, I felt like I couldn’t ‘pull off’ the carefree and effortlessly cool vibe all the time. Perhaps this is because although they had the coolest girls who I looked up to in the fashion world, they were all super stick thin. Something which we all know impacts young teenage girls in some way. It was all over the media particularly in 2008! I think since icons such as Beyoncé got involved with the brand with her Ivy Park range, the image of what a ‘Topshop Girl” is, changed. As a result more girls could now relate to the brand. Although Beyoncé is a mega super star, she is a better representation of what an average woman is. She embraced herself, her curves, her ‘flaws and all’. I know that this made me view the brand differently. It felt like the brand was finally changing and listening to the outcry and the social responsibility that the fashion world has towards its younger audiences.

Now at the age of 23, Topshop is still rocking it and I’m finding that I am exploring more in my style with pieces that I was drawn to as a teenager, but never had the courage to wear, or never felt ‘grown up’ enough to pull off. If you read and loved my post about fashion trends for Spring 2018, you may just be tempted by some of my current Favourite Topshop pieces:

I never used to like anything crop but I’m converted by this jumper that was in the sale! It was only £20, it’s so soft and the colour is so my aesthetic for this January; it has a neutral, purple, grey, mauve kind of tone to it. Also jumpers with places like ‘Chicago’ or ‘New York’ etc branded on them are very much in fashion right now. Thumbs up from me on the piece for comfort and style!

Now I’ve mentioned slogan tees a few times in my fashion segments of my blog, but if that’s not quite your thing then go for a chic t-shirt like this one, which can be worn tucked in or out (this is a size small). The top was £16, which may be more than I usually spend on t-shirts but the quality of this feels so much better than you may get elsewhere cheaper online, where it may fall apart after a few wears.

Mom jeans are fantastic as they hide a multitude of sins! I have a black pair also from Topshop in a size 12 as the fit was more comfortable but I found that they become baggy quickly as you wear them in. Unless you plan on washing your jeans each time to keep the fit (which with some black jeans mean they will fade) then go for a smaller size, with a snugger fit. I bought these light blue ones to wear in Spring and Summer in a size 10 and they are only £40. I’ll let you know how I get on with this pair! (P.S. don’t ask me where I’m looking in this pic!)

I also spotted some fabulous ankle boots which will definitely transform your outfit in a heartbeat.

I love this pair of black suede boots, the buckles give just enough edge without being overbearing.

Red is the colour of the season! These cute sock boots are also a very manageable heel height. Kitten heels have so made a comeback by the way!

Last but not least are these statement white boots. Just don’t wear them on a rainy day in London!

With the sale on I recommend you get down there quick and tend to all of your fashion desires. Whether it is buying a beanie bobble hat, a pair of biker boots or a punny (funny+pun) tee, we are all Topshop girls at heart in one way or another.

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