Staying In On Friday Night

It’s Friday people! That means a glass or two of wine, hitting the pub, club, catching up with a friend or most importantly catching up with yourself. Tonight I’m staying in and curling up with a book, as well as having a binge marathon on watching Grey’s Anatomy. That is a plan I am truly happy with for this January evening, one to kick start this weekend with some TLC for myself. This plan got me thinking that nights in on the weekend get a bad reputation, particularly when you are in your 20’s as there is often the pressure to really make the most of your weekend by going out. But I am going to prove all the sceptics wrong as I’ve rounded up my top ten favourite ideas for what you can do when you want to have a great Friday night in.

10. An early night- right this number ten as I realise it’s not that exciting but it sure can help after a long week! Particularly if you do have something planned for Saturday night that’s a bit more wild.

9. Catching up on YouTube or your favourite series you may have missed in the week. Create a cinema experience, get some popcorn or nachos and unwind without a care in the world.

8. Fulfilling that hobby or passion of yours. Whether it is painting, playing your guitar, cooking etc, spend that Friday night in doing what you love!

7. Exercise. Never enough time in the week or you procrastinate too much ? Friday is great to do so as you don’t need to worry about preparing anything for work the next day.

6. Tidy up your room and clothes. This is therapeutic and so worthwhile. Your room is the essence of you and it deserves to be in order. Spend an hour tidying up your clothes chair (we all have one), go through your old make up or beauty products, sort out your clothes and have a clear out.

Maybe you have always wanted to watch all of the Harry Potter films in one weekend or as much Sex And The City as the night will give you. A Friday night in is the perfect excuse!

5. Takeaway and wine. Order some chicken chow mein or your favourite pepperoni pizza and have a glass of red. Spoil yourself!

4. Movie marathon. Maybe you have always wanted to watch all of the Harry Potter films in one weekend or catch up with Carrie and Mr Big’d love story! Watch as much Sex And The City until your hearts content. A Friday night in is the perfect excuse!

3. Spa treatment for yourself- face masks, painting your nails for the weekend, exfoliate you skin, or have a long relaxing bath. There are so many choices, and one that guys are also sure to enjoy a hot, bubbly bath (as much as they try to deny it).

2. Invite a friend over, have a girls night in, have a date night at home, host a games night. Have a laugh with your loved ones, it’s good for the soul!

1. In at the prime number one spot is my favourite and a bit of a cheated top spot, if I’m honest (I pick a bit of all of the above!) I wear my comfiest clothes whether that is my tracksuit bottoms, a pair of pjs or just lounge in my dressing down. I put on my favourite music, browse online doing some shopping, plan my dream wardrobe and even house, indulge in some celeb goss, paint my nails, maybe put on a hair mask, watch a good chat show (I love my Graham Norton!) and I try to get a really quality night of sleep. Not setting my alarm on Saturday is great, particularly when I haven’t got a hangover to wake up to!

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