This Year’s It Brand: Glossier

Glossier, the latest cult beauty brand that your eye may have been caught by. Maybe you have seen their distinct pink packing or swirly ‘G’ across your social media feed. Perhaps you had a chance to visit their pop up store in London back in October 2017. Or, if you’re really lucky you visited the store in their hometown, New York, (New York!) No need to worry though if you missed out, their products are now finally available to buy in the UK! The brand was born back in 2014 and has taken so much care in listening to customers about whatwe want from products in conjunction with what our skin needs. This is something I can definitely get on board with! Looking after my skin is a priority this year which I mention in my post New Years Resolutions.

The brand states that it’s inspiration comes from real life and that you should give life to products, not them to you. No wonder Glossier is a huge hit across America, demonstrated by their long waiting lists on orders. The brand offers skincare, body care and make up products. Check on choice to tend to all of your beauty needs! All products are also reasonably priced, so thank you Glossier for creating a brand that is accessible to every girl and does not require you to spend a fortune for quality. Check on affordability. Finally the products packaging is chic, simple, classic and minimalist. Check on brand uniqueness. So far 3/3 right?

Glossier birthday balm pictured above.

After all this awe inspired beauty, I was interested to sample a product from the brand to see if the reputation stacks up to the real thing. Since spotting the brand late 2017, I have finally managed to try one of their products. I suitably and wonderfully received the birthday balm as a birthday present this year! Glossier currently have 6 options available in their balm collection consisting of: birthday, mint, cherry, coconut, rose and the universal balm. From what I heard about the balms they each smell delicious  and this was my first reaction as I applied the birthday balm to my lips. It smells like Heaven! It instantly hydrated my lips without leaving a sticky finish. Something which you would expect for such a waxy texture, kudos to Glossier for overcoming that. The birthday balm also has a shimmer to it which is great as your lips will be left looking as glam as your lips both feel and smell.  I can  see this quickly becoming my luxury product if I was stranded on a desert island!

I really rate the brand’s philosophy of natural beauty, something which in this age is easy to lose sight of due to the pressure to look made up constantly, resulting in heavy duty make up. I am excited to try more of Glossier’s products, most notably the boy brow , the milk jelly cleanser and the liquid exfoliator which has just been announced. So stay tuned for updates on the blog.

Glossier, I am coming for you!


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