50 Shades of Blonde

If you dye your hair, you will know that the trip to the hairdressers or your local Boots will leave you as a different woman to the one who went in. Personally I choose getting my hair done at the salon after a few teenage experiments with home dye. Although it is more painful for the purse strings, particularly whilst being a student living off your student loan, to then being a graduate living off what’s left of your summer job, to now being an ‘adult’ trying to get a grown up job and spend sensibly (somewhat difficult).

We are all guilty of it. We browse instagram, pinterest and magazines until we find that perfect shade or that lustful cut. We see Khloé Kardashian  with her flowing locks and effortless curls and it’s love at first sight; that’s the look I want and need! Of course we neglect to remember that the amount of money they probably spend on their hair is more than my current bank balance.>Having  been blonde for several years I can advocate that there are definitely 50 shades of blonde. Consequences being that the unspoken girl rule of  matching your hair to the season! Having it just been Winter meant it was time for more ashey blondes (of course!) as opposed to those autumn champagne tones. However with Spring on our doorsteps  it means its back to the salon to achieve a new look…

I have a hair appointment next week and I’m yet to decide what shade to go. The clock is ticking to select the celeb inspo pic too. On that note I have to remember that when I look in the mirror I’m not actually going to be getting a face transplant and become Blake Lively or Jen Aniston , but at least I will still feel a million bucks and be ready for Spring!


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