My 5 Step Styling Routine


Hi guys! This is my haircare routine which I have found seems to work to battle split and broken ends and maintain my coloured hair. My hair thickness is quite manageable but I tend to struggle with knotty hair and static ends. If like me you put heat on your hair every other day, you may find these tips helpful and some of these products may be right for you. Here is a recent snap of my hair after following this routine!

Step 1. Detangling
Before I wash my hair I always brush it through with my tangle teezer. Thank the Lord for the brilliant mind who strutted into dragons den with this beauty ! Not only does it fit in my handbag so I can brush it on the go, but gone are the days where I would loathe brushing my hair. This little brush detangles even the most stubborn of knots in the most pain free way (yes, I am serious!)

Step 2. Shampoo
After years of using any Tom, Dick or Harry shampoo promising to prolong your hair colour and bring shine to your locks, I have finally found a brand I get on with. Although the price tag for Kérastase is more pricey than I would like to play, the quality of the products are worth it and they do last me a while. I am currently using the Kérastase Chronologiste shampoo which I measure out the amount needed in the lid. I love this as it means my product lasts longer and I don’t use more than I need, this is something all the Kérastase products have. I would highly recommend this shampoo as has an element of each of the other shampoos, such as colour protect, nourishing, protein building etc.


Step 3. Conditioner
Next I use Kérastase Nutritive conditioner and I
tend to leave this on for a couple of minutes before washing it out.This conditioner really helps my hair look and feel smooth. Having any colour damages your hair, and if you have bleach like me you want to prevent your hair from breaking. I find that this shampoo is really good for dry ends and since using it my hair has got stronger. (The Nutritive shampoo also is amazing and leaves your hair soft, however I personally prefer Chronologiste shampoo).

Step 4. Masque
About twice a week I use the Kérastase Chronologiste mask after conditioning. This is the first hair mask I have ever bought and I wonder why I waited so long! Whenever I use this I notice the difference dramatically (although I am the type of person who can see the difference between dove grey and coin grey), even my boyfriend comments on my hair looking glamorous, so it must be doing something right. I also recently read that Blake Lively uses hair masques more often than conditioners and that head of hair is seriously coveted! Again I leave this masque on for about two minutes as I’m usually in a rush in the morning. I then rinse my hair, and lightly squeeze some of the water out of my hair, before wrapping it up in a towel. I try to avoid towel drying my hair as I worry about making static or breaking it.


Step 5. Styling
After this I brush through my damp hair with my tangle teezer and spray my hair with a heat protector. I have used many in the past but have returned to my favourite Tresemmé heat defence, styling spray. To get even more moisture into my hair and keep it looking shiny, I then spritz my hair with Renewing argan oil of Morocco. This smells
gorgeous and makes me feel like I am an Amazonian goddess!  I then blowdry my hair straight with my GHD hairdryer on the middle heat.Previously I used an old Babyliss hairdryer, and although I love this brand the hairdryer would often leave my hair frazzled and I feared that I was doing more damage to my hair. I have had my current hairdryer for around 4 years and I have no complaints.

That is my 5 step styling routine, let me know any products you recommend!


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